Toltec Dreaming: Don Juan's Teachings on the Energy Body

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By Ken Eagle Feather

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Ken Eagle Feather

Ken Eagle Feather
Ken Eagle Feather, also known as Kenneth Smith, is communications director for a medical science research organization. He is also the author of Toltec Dreaming, Traveling with Power, Tracking Freedom, The Dream of Vixen Tor and Awakening the Energy Body. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.



A metaphysical instruction manual on the role of dreaming in the Toltec tradition

• Describes the energy body, its modes of perception, and how it produces dreaming

• Provides an outline of the dream gates showing how they correspond to the chakras

• Includes detailed instructions for awakening dreaming potential and for exercising and expanding the dreaming body--what to expect and how to respond

Toltec Dreaming explores the many aspects and levels of the dream-state, distinguishing ordinary dreaming from “dreaming awake,” a condition of heightened awareness through which the active dreamer ascends to the Dream of Transcendence. In this book, Ken Eagle Feather presents the history of dreaming’s place within the Toltec tradition and provides a practical how-to manual for achieving and maximizing dreaming potential.

The Toltec Way superimposes on the waking world the subtle physics of the dream world in order to create a conscious dreaming body, often referred to as an “out-of-body experience,” that can allow anyone to use dreaming as a vehicle to higher consciousness. Once the dreaming energies are fully awakened, unbounded conscious perception can come alive, whether one is in the world of dreams or in daily life. The author shows how to communicate while in the dreaming body and indicates what one may encounter in the dream. He also identifies barriers to dreaming and includes instructions for detaching the dream body from the waking ego. Filled with techniques that stimulate dreaming and the development of the dreaming body, this book will guide practitioners along the Toltec Way of the Dream. 
“By the end of this book, you know whether you want to walk this path completely, or take what was right for you, and leave the rest behind. Whatever you do, you will have grown as a person.”, Nov 2006

“I have known and worked with Ken Eagle Feather for well over a decade, and he is one of those all-too-rare writers who actually--hour to hour, day by day--lives what he teaches. As a result, this book emanates a power and an authenticity that makes it a most potent, vital, and inspiring work. You are in very good hands.”
Simon Buxton, author of The Shamanic Way of the Bee

“The next frontier is human consciousness, and through his explorations into non-ordinary reality, Ken Eagle Feather shows us how we can begin to transcend the ‘habits of mind’ that have come to dominate--and limit--our perception of ourselves and our world. What an exciting opportunity for us all.”
Hillary S. Webb, author of Exploring Shamanism and Traveling between the Worlds

"Toltec Dreaming is clearly one of the more interesting books on the subject available today. We recommend the book highly."
O Caldeirao, Issue 14, Nov 2007

"The author does a nice job of explaining the Toltec path and philosophy, but explains the information in a manner that can also be used in the reader's everyday life. The book has some really good exercises and information for anyone, not just those interested in exploring specifically the Toltec teachings."
D. Tigermoon, The Pagan Review, Dec 2007