Tarot of the Four Elements: Tribal Folklore, Earth Mythology, and Human Magic

Excerpts & Samples

By Isha Lerner

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Isha Lerner

Isha Lerner
Isha Lerner is a professional astrologer, tarot consultant, and flower essence practitioner. She is the author of three book/deck sets, Inner Child Cards, The Power of Flowers, and The Triple Goddess Tarot, as well as the Inner Child Cards Workbook. She lives in Eugene, Oregon.



A new tarot based on shamanic imagery that invokes the magic of nature, numbers, and imagination

• Works with colorful primal symbols and vivid natural images to explore the soul’s primal roots and its relationship to sacred geometry and nature

• Uses tribal memory and symbolism as ways to connect with our own dreamworld, power, and creative potential

• By the author of the bestselling Inner Child Cards (more than 100,000 sold)

This innovative 78-card tarot deck calls forth a shamanic presence through its evocative imagery of primal symbols and tribal art forms from earth mythology and folklore. The potent journey mapped out in the deck has roots that reach into our ancient ancestry, encouraging us to feel and dream as a means to contact the unconscious forces of life. Through this journey we can develop a conscious understanding of the magic of nature, which allows us to unlock creative potential.

Tarot of the Four Elements prepares the soul for a magical exploration of the dream world using images that span cultures, races, and religions, including masks, totems, stars, handprints, and various symbols representing the natural world. Artist Amy Ericksen invites the mind and heart to dance into the images, and with that dance, to find a stillness and depth. Her paintings invoke the magic of nature, imagination, and the human spirit in order to stimulate our own power and creativity.
"The potent journey mapped out in the deck has roots that reach into our ancient ancestral webwork, encouraging us to feel and dream as a means to contact the unconcious forces of life."
Branches of Light, Spring-Summer-Fall 2005

"The primal language of this deck reaches straight to our inner depths and evokes a response that feels ancient and all-knowing. The images comfort the mind and nurture the heart even as they speak of profound cosmic mysteries. Stripped bare of the arcane and medieval, the Tarot of the Four Elements offers an original approach without compromising the Tarot's inherent archetypal structure--a feat indeed!"
Kate Warwick-Smith, author of The Tarot Court Cards: Archetypal Patterns of Relationship in the Minor Arcana

". . . an evocative tarot kit that fulfils Lerner's definition of the oracle as a rich source of mystical tribal knowledge."
New Age Retailer, Holiday 2005

"This is a set I would recommend to anyone interested in exploring tarot, whether it's your first deck or a very good addition to your collection."
Karen Phillippi, The Beltane Papers, Issue 36, Oct 2005

"If you are looking to find balance and harmony with the natural world around you, this deck could prove useful as it seems to draw its inspiration from the earth."
Ladyfogg's Deck Reviews, Oct 2005

"What is wonderful about this tarot is that it draws [the images] forth emotionally as well as intellectually. Using the Tarot of the Four Elements almost makes any tarot reading an instinctual act."
Muninn the Changeling, TCM Reviews

"This is one of those tarot decks that get better and better, the more you use it. The Tarot of the Four Elements is a deck not to be missed!"
Amanda Bureguard, Timeless Spirit Magazine, July 2007

“The stimulating and thrilling artwork and insightful text in Tarot of the Four Elements will help every reader bring its ancient energies to life.”
Rachel Pollack, author of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot