The Tarot Court Cards: Archetypal Patterns of Relationship in the Minor Arcana

Excerpts & Samples

By Kate Warwick-Smith

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Kate Warwick-Smith

Kate Warwick-Smith
Kate Warwick-Smith is a counseling professional and has studied the Western Mystery Tradition for over 20 years. She lives in Sonoma, California, with her husband and two children.



A detailed interpretive guide to the 16 "face" cards of the tarot that reveals their core identities and special purpose in a person's life.

* The first tarot book to focus exclusively on the court cards.

* Shows how the "face" cards can clearly and accurately reveal the specific nature of the support-based relationships in one's life.

* Includes tarot spreads and potent techniques for contacting these powerful archetypes through meditation and pathworking.

The Tarot Court Cards gives fresh meaning to the 16 "face" cards of the tarot--the King, Queen, Knight, and Page. In contrast to the idiosyncratic and confusing interpretations that are presented in many tarot books, Kate Warwick-Smith shows how these cards embody archetypal patterns of relationship that offer greater enlightenment than ever before. 

Using the Kabbalah, she reveals the core identities of the Minor Arcana's court cards and their special purposes as supporters, detractors, inner resources, and challenges in our inner and outer life. She shows how the court cards can be used to identify your true tribe or clan--the specific people who support you in unique ways, such as your mentor, champion, protector, or healer. She also shows how the court cards can help you identify your inner resources and challenges--insight, discipline, passion, or greed--that enhance or hinder your efforts in the world. Using both new and traditional interpretations, the book also presents new tarot spreads and potent methods for contacting these powerful archetypes through meditation and pathworking. Both seasoned tarot readers and newcomers will find this book helps them achieve practical and insightful results.

"This book is an entertaining and thorough look at a neglected aspect of the tarot cards--the effect and relationship of the 'people,' or court cards, on divinatory readings. The author has created a unique system whereby the court cards can be 'read' to reveal individuals in our lives and the roles that they play."
deTraci Regula, author of The Mysteries of Isis

"Practicioners and students of tarot will find integrative perspectives, fresh lucid significances, and practical applications in this resource guide."
Joi Eden, New Age Retailer, November-December 2003, Vol.17 No.7

"I feel that this author offers a fresh, distinctly unique approach to working with the tarot Courts."
Diana McMahon-Collis, Tarot Association of The Brtish Isles, Autumn 2003

“By looking at court cards from so many different perspectives, the author helps tarot readers everywhere better understand one of the more difficult parts of the deck.”
Rachel Pollack, author of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot

“Never before has a comprehensive study of the origin, meaning, and significance of the sixteen court cards been written. The Tarot Court Cards offers historical and mystical insights into the evolution of the court cards and their diverse meaning and uses. A treasure of a book.”
Isha Lerner, Author of Inner Child Cards

“A comprehensive and practical resource guide that offers valuable insight into our personal relationships. No other book addresses the sixteen royalty cards so thoroughly.”
Angeles Arrien, PH.D., Author of The Tarot Handbook

"This refreshingly straightforeward book is easy and quick to read, but intelligent and thoughtful."
Nellie Levine, TBP Review, June 2004

"With clean, clear, thoughtful writing, interesting history, at-a-glance tables, and plenty of stimulating how-to, this book expertly handles the Tarot deck's aristocracy."

Stephanie Mills, ForeWord Magazine, Jan.-Feb., 2005