The Tao of Voice: A New East-West Approach to Transforming the Singing and Speaking Voice

Excerpts & Samples

By Stephen Chun-Tao Cheng

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Stephen Chun-Tao Cheng

Stephen Chun-Tao Cheng
Born and raised in China and educated in the United States, Stephen Chun-Tao Cheng received his Master of Arts degree and graduate Professional Diploma from Columbia University, and honors recognition from the graduate school of the Juilliard School of Music. He is an acclaimed singer, act More...



The Tao of Voice is the first book to combine the best of Western vocal technique and modern psychophysical exercises with ancient Chinese practices. This simple but powerful vocal method will help you to develop your vocal identity and increase vocal range and power, while improving memorization and overcoming stage fright.
"Should be a must-read for any aspiring actor or singer. Underlines the need to simultaneously work the body, mind, and spirit to achieve the desired result. And the joy is that this is never really hard work."
Back Stage

"His suggestions have a simple, rich logic, consistent with Taoist principles."
Sigrid Heath, Woodstock Times, January 28, 1993

" . . . this is an excellent book for people wishing to improve their singing, acting, or speech making."
Health World

"Remarkable . . . sensitive musicality . . . His compositions are attractively unassuming."
Robert Sherman, The New York Times

Philadelphia Inquirer

"Sparkling performance"

"A very fine and sensitive singer"
Alexander Kipnis, Renowned bass and vocal teacher

"A gifted singer . . . a superior way of reacting to the moods of each song"
Alan Rich, The New York Times

TV comments on Cheng's concert:
"Tenor Stephen Cheng dazzled the crowd."
". . . World class musicians demonstrate how music can conquer the cultural divide."
Honolulu's TV Channel 4 news broadcast on Cheng's East-West concert at the Honolulu Academy of the Arts, August 5, 2001, rebroadcast by CNN, August 6, Honolulu, Hawaii

"...brings ancient Chinese philosophy to using the voice that can bring about psychic balance within the individual."

Jayne Comins, The Singer, Aug-Sept, 2004

"This is interesting stuff, even if you're not planning on singing on stage or becoming a public speaker . . . . a must-have for singers, speakers, and those interested in Eastern religions."
New View, Oct 2005