Tantric Awakening: A Woman's Initiation into the Path of Ecstasy

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By Valerie Brooks

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Valerie Brooks

Valerie Brooks
An initiate of the exclusive sacred cobra breath, Valerie Brooks achieved her first kundalini awakening at the age of 23. She has been a student of Tantric Kriya Yoga for more than 10 years, training with certified teachers of the Kriya Jyoti Tantra Society of Southern India (Saraswati Ord More...



The autobiography of an American Gen-X woman who immerses herself in the sexual mysteries of tantric yoga.

• An engaging  insider's story that intimately portrays the details of the tantric sexual path from a young woman's point of view.

• Author is one of the few Americans to be initiated into the sacred cobra breath.

• Reveals not only the benefits but also the pitfalls, problems, and temptations of this path toward enlightenment.

• Includes meditations and exercises for beginning a tantric practice.

Tantric Awakening discloses an epic experience of tantra that few have achieved, and even fewer would dare to attempt. This is the story of a 19-year-old girl, disillusioned by the questions that her religion and society fail to answer, who courageously enters the sensuous rituals of tantric sex. In search of authentic knowledge, Brooks was admitted into secret societies where she learned firsthand the ways of the tradition from tantric adepts. Amid disapproval from family and friends, her body and spirit awaken to ecstatic levels of orgasmic pleasure that allow her to experience loving relationships, better health, and a deep sense of oneness with God. 

A personal and intimate portrait, Tantric Awakening is tastefully written to reveal not only the ecstatic power and spiritual benefits of tantra, but also the pitfalls, problems, and temptations of this path toward enlightenment. With the inclusion of specific tantric sexual techniques the author shows how to use tantra to balance the spirit with the physical self in order to achieve personal empowerment, transforming fear and self-doubt into joy and self-confidence. Meditations, exercises, and important insights for beginning a tantric practice assist the reader who is inspired to bring a sense of the divine into daily life. 

"She does an excellent job at defining Tantra and its relationship within spirituality and divinity. . . . Easy to follow, and enjoyable to read."

Darla Kaye Wynne, New Witch

"This courageous, intimate portrait reveals the ecstatic power and spiritual benefits of tantra, as well as its pitfalls, problems, and many temptations."

CHP, Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Winter 2002/Spring 2003