Tantra: The Way of Action: A Practical Guide to Its Teachings and Techniques

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By Francis King

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Francis King

Francis King
Francis King was a leading authority in the fields of occultism, religion, and Western magic. He was the author of many books, including Tantra: The Way of Action and Techniques of High Magic.



Tantra has been defined as a "mystical philosophy" and as an unorthodox branch of Buddhism, Hindism, and Jainism. It has also been described as an occult technique concerned primarily with polarity and sexual practices. Although each of these definitions contains an element of truth, none of them is complete.

While Tantra has mystical, philosophical, and religious aspects, it is, above all, a technique of action--a path of physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines incorporating meditation, yoga, and sacramental worship. Its sole purpose is the transformation or spiritual rebirth of the individual into a new existence and an enlightened state of consciousness.

In Tantra: The Way of Action, Francis King provides a complete theoretical and practical guide to the Tantric path of liberation. Topics covered include esoteric physiology, Qabalism, pleasure and pain, power and passivity, right-hand and left-hand Tantra, and the arousal of the Kundalini serpent power. Following the spirit rather than the letter of the tradition, King maintains that Tantric techniques are universal processes. As such, they transcend the limitations of specific faith or dogma and are adaptable to Western culture and lifestyle. 

"Draws many parallels between Tantrism and the Mid-Eastern and Western occult traditions, both ancient and modern, and clears up many of the current 'New Age' misunderstandings about Tantra."
Spectrum Review

"Tackling difficult questions and giving an honest appraisal of both Indian and Western 'traditions,' King makes Tantra more accessible to the average reader, especially ones who may not be interested in practicing its sexual methods, but still want an understanding of what tantra is all about and how it came to the West.
Institute for Hermetic Studies, March 2006