Star Ancestors: Indian Wisdomkeepers Share the Teachings of the Extraterrestrials

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By Nancy Red Star

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Nancy Red Star

Nancy Red Star
Nancy Red Star, daughter of the Cherokee, is a citizen of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi, St. Francis/Sokoki Band. She lectures and leads workshops throughout the United States on the teachings of the Star Ancestors. Nancy currently resides in Taos, New Mexico,  More...



Interviews with American Indian spiritual leaders concerning the long-standing contact that has existed between their tribes and extraterrestrial visitors.

• First time that Indian wisdomkeepers have shared with the outside world their knowledge of extraterrestrials and their teachings.

• Includes more than eighty color illustrations by prominent Indian artists.

• Among those interviewed are Dawnland founder Dana Pictou, Mayan Day-keeper Hunbatz Men, Choctaw wisdomkeeper Sequoyah Trueblood, and Creek healer and artist Shona Bear Clark.

American Indian relationships with extraterrestrials have existed since the beginning of time.  The creation stories of Indian people say, "We came from the stars"; evidence of Indian contact with ETs has been carved on rocks and hides, choreographed in sacred dances, and beaded on wampum belts over many thousands of years. In Mayan temple rituals, in the tobacco blessing, in crop circle formations and petroglyph inscriptions, the contact continues.

In this groundbreaking book, Nancy Red Star explores the unifying "Sky Elder" theme found in virtually every Indian culture, detailing a Pan-American genesis story of shared communication with extraterrestrials.  These Star Begins will play a vital role at the present crossroads of Earth history.  Humankind's abuse of technology has led to a planet out of balance with natural laws; in this time, spiritual wisdomkeepers have recognized signs that they must now speak their closely held knowledge, their original instructions from the Sky Elders.  In Star Ancestors, Mayan elder and Day Keeper Hunbatz Men, Stargate International CEO and UFO researcher Cecilia Dean, Choctaw wisdomkeeper Sequoyah Trueblood, and others share instructions for restoring the balance of nature and taking our rightful place among the peoples of the universe.  Striking illustrations of the work of prominent American Indian artists, such as Armond Lara, Michael Naranjo, and Shona Bear Clark, further explore this theme.

The original instructions from these Sky Elders revealed in Star Ancestors lay out a path for rebuilding our world and initiate us into the possibility of a coming time of peace.  Inviting all peoples to realize their Star ancestry, the women and men of proud lineage and inspiring wisdom who share their experiences here offer us a survival plan for walking into the next world.

"Nancy Red Star is to be commended for compiling this highly visionary and timely text. Combined with the unique artwork, the interviews of contemporary American Indian spiritual leaders compellingly interweave poignant personal experience with prophecy and Star history to create a serious and deeply moving call for spiritual readiness in the face of the great Earth changes now upon us."
Jose Arguelles, Ph.D., author of The Mayan Factor

"The Red Race, according to Edgar Cayce, were the descendants of Atlantis. According to Nancy Red Star, the Red Race had special agreements with the star people. Nancy and many native elders tell their astonishing stories in this book-stories of extraterrestrial contacts. This book is a wonderful page turner; it gently makes you question every level of reality."
Michael Peter Langevin, Magical Blend

Today's Books, October 2000

"Star Ancestors is lavishly illustrated with mostly color photographs of the wisdomkeepers interviewed for the book, as well as with numerous examples of Native-American artwork in many different media.The art harmonizes beautifully with the undeniable authenticity of the stories told-stories that both entertain and enlighten even as they ominously point the way to a dangerous tomorrow that threatens people of all cultures everywhere."
Fate, March 2001

". . . a book in which the very pages seem to emanate a truth that must be listened to, must be heard. The beauty and strength of these timekeepers' lives and stories stir us to wake up and respond actively to the brilliant wisdom now being revealed to us from sources beyond what we have seen, but which perhaps some of us have always known."
Spirit of Change, January/February, Vol. 14, No. 65

"[A] memorable book, stunningly illustrated with both color photographs of the elders and painting and sculpture by Native American artists."
Barbara Ardinger, Whole Life Times, February 2002