The Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt: Sacred Science and the Mystery of Consciousness

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By Edward F. Malkowski

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Edward F. Malkowski

Edward F. Malkowski
Edward F. Malkowski is the author of Sons of God--Daughters of Men, Before the Pharaohs, and The Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt. He works as a software developer and historical researcher in Champaign, Illinois.



How ancient Egyptians understood quantum theory

• Investigates the history of how modern religion and the Age of Science were inspired by the sacred science of the ancients

• Examines how quantum theory explains that the cosmos arises from consciousness

• Reveals the unanimity between Schwaller de Lubicz’s “sacred science” and the science of a cosmos governed by quantum mechanics

Since the dawn of the Age of Science humankind has been engaged in a methodical quest to understand the cosmos. With the development of quantum mechanics, the notion that everything is solid matter is being replaced with the idea that information or “thought” may be the true source of physical reality.

Such scientific inquiry has led to a growing interest in the brain’s unique and mysterious ability to create perception, possibly through quantum interactions. Consciousness is now being considered as much a fundamental part of reality as the three dimensions we are so familiar with. Although this direction in scientific thought is seen as a new approach, the secret wisdom of the ancients presented just such a view thousands of years ago.

Building on René A. Schwaller de Lubicz’s systematic study of Luxor’s Temple of Amun-Mut-Khonsu during the 1940s and ’50s, Edward Malkowski shows that the ancient Egyptians' worldview was not based on superstition or the invention of myth but was the result of direct observation using critical faculties attuned to the quantum manifestation of the universe. This understanding of reality as a product of human consciousness provided the inspiration for the sacred science of the ancients--precisely the philosophy modern science is embracing today. In the philosophical tradition of Schwaller de Lubicz, The Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt investigates the technical and religious legacy of ancient Egypt to reveal its congruence with today’s “New Science.”
“Malkowski makes the daunting arcana of materialist-based quantum physics admirably comprehensible and shows how consciousness-based ‘new science’ effectively reproduces the sacred science of the ancients. An exhaustively researched, lucid, balanced, elegantly subversive book.”
John Anthony West, author of Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

“Ed Malkowski’s The Spritual Technology of Ancient Egypt is a meticulously researched master work that carefully documents the historical and philosophical underpinnings of modern science, philosophy and religion as they should rightfully be viewed, in the context of the Mystery Tradition of Ancient Egypt.”
Laird Scranton, author of Science of the Dogon

“Edward F. Malkowski brilliantly examines how the sacred science and spiritual technology of Ancient Egypt parallel today’s most cutting edge theories about quantum physics and human consciousness. This book proves that by looking back to the past, we can indeed see into our future.”
Marie D. Jones, author of PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena

"Malkowski explores the idea that the ancients, and even the precursors to the Egyptians, had a technology that was in harmony with nature; indeed, it was a 'spiritual technology'."
Nexus, Vol. 15, No.3, Sep/Oct 2008

"Malkowski gives us plenty to think about without being overly complicated in his approach. . . . Totally convincing . . .
W. Ritchie Benedict, New Dawn

"If you have questions about your own life and where we came from and where we are going as a mass consciousness, Edward Malkowski captures the past and shows us what our future could be. If you are looking for specific details, this book is great."
Mystic Pop, July 2008