The Sacred World of the Celts: An Illustrated Guide to Celtic Spirituality and Mythology

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By Nigel Pennick

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Nigel Pennick

Nigel Pennick
An authority on ancient belief systems, traditions, runes, and geomancy, Nigel Pennick is the author of several books, including The Sacred World of the Celts, Secret Games of the Gods, and The Ancient Science of Geomancy. He lives near Cambridge, England, where he follows the oral traditi More...



The Sacred World of the Celts is a comprehensive and richly illustrated examination of ancient Celtic traditions and their continuity and relevance to the present day. 

Celtic language and legend were largely passed down through the monks of Ireland and Wales and consequently were "christianized." In turn, these renditions were subject to the interpretations of various "Celtic" revivalists that further concealed the true nature of the Celtic world. Nigel Pennick pushes back these disfiguring overlays and restores to us the primordial Celtic tradition, one which interweaves the spirit into all aspects of daily life. 

Examines all aspects of Celtic life, including myth, the status of women, and the bardic tradition. 

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