The Sacred Power of Huna: Spirituality and Shamanism in Hawai‘i

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By Rima A. Morrell

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Rima A. Morrell

Rima A. Morrell
RIMA A. MORRELL has a doctorate in Hawaiian Shamanism from the Department of Geography, University ­College London, and a Masters and Honours degree in Social Anthropology from Cambridge University. She spent years in Polynesia conducting fieldwork with many ­kahuna on remote islands and More...



When Rima Morrell first went to Hawai‘i as a young anthropology student from Cambridge University, she was surprised to find a lighter brighter world where trees talked to her in ancient temples and magic regularly happened. She found the system of ancient Hawaiian wisdom known as Huna, a system that teaches us how to focus the light of our own being to make magic. Following her Higher Self--and overcoming resistance to its rainbow guidance--she discovered we are each responsible for our own power. Through practicing Huna, we can consciously create our own reality, for we are each the navigator of our own soul canoe.

Following her years in the islands, and Ph.D. in Huna, Rima reveals new knowledge about this sacred tradition. Citing the work of earlier researchers such as Max Freedom Long, as well as native kahuna, Rima reveals knowledge about Huna that has not previously been available: the role of emotion in gaining true wisdom, the magical elements of Hawaiian language, the sophisticated system of lunar astrology, and the hula as a system of shamanism. Rima also shows how the principles of a society woven with love can shape our own lives.
“Rima has seen the islands by foot and sleeping under the stars. In return she has experienced the islands the way that few visitors ever do. Not only has she learned vital information, but she has done so with a heart and mind open to island ways. . . . as a native Hawaiian I am honored to recommend this book.”
Melvin Lonokaiolohia Kalahiki, Ali‘i Nui o Pu‘ukohola Heiau, Council of Hawaiian Organizations

"As a Polynesian, I am most impressed by Rima Morrell's knowledge of a culture that is not her own. Rima is obviously blessed with a keen intellect and extraordinary insights."
Vilsoni Hereniko, Ph.D., Professor of Pacific Island Studies, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa

"Writing with loving respect for the boundaries and sacred beauties of Hawaiian ancestral lore, Rima A. Morrell acts as a spiritual ambassador for this primordial, oceanic tradition."
Caitlín Matthews, author of Singing the Soul Back Home and The Celtic Spirit

"Rima Morrell is to be applauded for bringing . . . to our attention: an ancient and holistic culture which is built on an unbroken tradition of accumulated human wisdom and which finds meaningfulness at all levels of our being. Dr. Morrell is uniquely able to bring academic rigour and wide knowledge of her subject to bear, yet her book is much more than dry scientific reportage of anthropological data . . . .when she leaves the work of other authors behind and describes her own direct experiences with the people and culture of Hawai‘i her book really flowers. Surely this is the acme of anthropology: to take the experiences and lessons of research directly back to the people, so we can begin to remember the brightness that illuminates our lives.”
Dr. Donnie Ross, Medical Director, Grampian University Hospitals NHS Trust

"I love this book! . . . . Rima’s delightful [The Sacred Power of Huna] will fulfill a vital role in introducing many people to what she describes as the 'bejewelled path' to knowledge, through Huna.. . . . [Morrell] takes us there by proxy and shares with the avid reader the mysterious power and majesty of Hawai’i that has led so many people to think of it as the chosen land of the New Age. . . Perhaps the key to personal grace, as the authoress says, is that the real land of Huna moku or “secret island of paradise,” resides deep within each of us. This book can show the Huna way to those beautiful lands."
Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby MB, ChB, MD, PhD

"The most significant breakthrough in Lay thinking since Zukav's Dancing Wu Li Masters."
Pila of Hawaii, author of The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii

“Dr. Morrell writes in a fascinating way to give us insights to old Hawaiian ways of looking at healing.”
Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., author of Love is Letting Go of Fear

“Rima Morrell's thoughtful book on Polynesian spirituality is essential reading for anyone really interested either in plain anthropology or the broader study of world esotericism.”
John Gordon, author of Egypt: Child of Atlantis

"The Sacred Power of Huna provides a wealth of scientific and anthropological information in a delightfully engaging page-turner of a book. . . . I highly recommend this wonderful book to anyone interested in Hawaii, shamanism, and spiritual growth."
RealityShifters News, Sept 2005

"From an understanding of how the unconscious operates in both Freudian and outside of Freudian realms to how the classic Hawaiian hula dance draws in spiritual force and connections, The Sacred Power of Huna provides plenty of in-depth observations."
Diane C. Donovon, The Midwest Book Review, Nov 2005

"This is one of the finest recent books written about the sacred power of Huna. . . . Rima Morrell continues in the tradition of investigators into Huna, and arrives at some intriguing insights."
Lee Prosser,, Feb. 6, 2006