Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path

Excerpts & Samples

By Francene Hart

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Francene Hart

Francene Hart
Francene Hart is a nationally recognized visionary artist who has been working with sacred shapes for more than 25 years. Her paintings have appeared in galleries across the country and are widely published on book and magazine covers. She conducts workshops on mandalas, creativity, and sa More...



A boxed set of cards and book, the sequel to Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck

• Contains 64 full-color cards created from original paintings by artist Francene Hart

• Includes a 160-page guide with wisdom readings for each card and 6 oracle spreads for personal and group readings

• By the creator of Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck

Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path provides encouragement and guidance to those on the path of conscious evolution. A natural continuation of and complement to the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, this divination set by artist Francene Hart contains 64 original full-color images that portray the sacred geometrical proportions in the natural forms of animals, oceans, and celestial bodies. The accompanying guidebook contains detailed interpretations of each card and 6 divination spreads for both personal and group readings.

Integrating math, science, and spirituality, these cards convey the wisdom of ancient cultures in which art, science, and religion were seen not as separate systems but as different facets of the same truth. Working with these cards incorporates this inclusive view into our own lives to bring balance to our energy fields and allow us to access higher levels of consciousness. The wisdom they reveal provides insight into life’s challenges and helps restore us to a state of harmony with the natural rhythms of life.
“With Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path, Francene Hart provides us once again with powerful and compelling images for personal divination. She has created very good medicine indeed.”
Hank Wesselman, author of Spirit Medicine and the Spiritwalker trilogy

“Francene Hart sees and paints what is glorious about life. She puts one into a space of timeless wonder. This deck is alive with light and will offer fulfillment to your soul when you use it.”
Sondra Ray, author of Rock Your World with the Divine Mother

“Amazing work . . . amazing cards by a highly gifted artist. These works of art are powerful triggers for accessing the mystical and unconscious aspects of the psyche. A wonderful tool for inner work and exploration.”
“Starman” Joseph Mina, astrologer and coauthor of Manifesting with the Light of the Moon

"Not only are these cards absolutely beautiful, but the words Francene has used to explain them are deeply simple. If you are interested in your spiritual path, get a copy of this deck."
Aleesha Stephenson, Timeless Spirit Magazine, Dec 2008

"Evocative imagery combines geometric symbolism with complementary, soothing art to provide a cosmic glimpse into the universal consciousness. The 64-card deck feels like a loving friend, gently guiding without being overbearing. The complete 160-page book makes it easy for anyone to immediately connect with and utilize the guidance to enhance their journey."
New Age Retailer, Spring 2009

" . . . a beautiful deck that deftly integrates imagery of nature with the geometric structures and patterns underlying Earth and the cosmos. . . . this is the type of deck that can add a touch of higher wisdom, positivity, and deep spirituality to any traditional Tarot reading. Draw a card at the beginning or end of your reading to represent the overall, higher message."
Eva Yaa Asantewaa, reviewer, Oct 08

"Becoming more aware of and witnessing the interconnectedness of these patterns and ourselves can make us more aware of our connection to the larger universe. Hart's beautifully illustrated cards help us to understand this connection. . . . Different from a tarot deck, the Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path encourage you to look into your own life as well as the larger patterns of the universe in order to better understand your situation and connection to the world. Spiritually inspiring, Hart's majestic watercolors breathe life into each card . . . "
Chelsey Clammer, Feminist Review, March 2009