Riding Windhorses: A Journey into the Heart of Mongolian Shamanism

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By Sarangerel Sarangerel

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Sarangerel Sarangerel

Sarangerel Sarangerel
Sarangerel was trained in the Mongolian and Buryat shamanic traditions by native teachers who are now free to practice again following the collapse of the Soviet Union. She was the foreign outreach representative of the Golomt Center for Shamanist Studies and the Mongolian Shamans' Association.



The first book written about Mongolian and Siberian shamanism by a shaman trained in that tradition.

• A thorough introduction to Mongolian and Siberian shamanic beliefs and practices, which, until the collapse of the Soviet Union, were banned from being practiced.

• Includes rituals for healing and divination techniques.

In traditional Mongolian-Buryat culture, shamans play an important role maintaining the tegsh, the "balance" of the community. They counsel a path of moderation in one's actions and reverence for the natural world, which they view as mother to humanity. Mongolians believe that if natural resources are taken without thanking the spirits for what they have given, those resources will not be replaced. Unlike many other cultures whose shamanic traditions were undermined by modern civilization, shamans in the remote areas of southern Siberia and Mongolia are still the guardians of the environment, the community, and the natural order. 

Riding Windhorses is the first book written on Mongolian and Siberian shamanism by a shaman trained in that tradition. A thorough introduction to Mongolian/Siberian shamanic beliefs and practices, it includes working knowledge of the basic rituals and various healing and divination techniques. Many of the rituals and beliefs described here have never been published and are the direct teachings of the author's own shaman mentors.

"It is an informed and down-to-earth introduction to the shamans' earth-centered religion."
Publishers Weekly, May 15, 2000

"Fascinating reading. An interesting book that gives a good introduction to this fascinating and important shamanic tradition."
Sacred Hoop

"Sarangerel presents a complete guide to Siberian and Mongolian shamanism. An accessible, comprehensive, and important introduction to Mongolian and Siberian shamanic traditions."
Dennis William Hauck, New Age Retailer

"Undoubtedly one of the best books on contemporary shamanism in print today. Anyone interested in a vivid first-person account of the renewal of an ancient native culture and its relevance to twenty-first-century people will find this book a must read."

"There is a feeling in this book of seriousness, of experience . . ."
Widdershins, Cup of Wonder Magazine