The Return of the Tribal Body Adornment Kit

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By Inner Traditions Inner Traditions

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

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Allows you to experience the body adornment movement firsthand

• Contains a rainbow of safe, nonpermanent body adornment items, including an ornate bindi from India, cosmetic piercing, henna from Pakistan, kumkum body paint, and tribal tattoo designs

• Includes instructions for applying each item, suggestions for creating one's own designs, and discusses the history and significance of these body adornments 

• The perfect way to Go Tribal!

The modern worldwide revival of piercing, tattooing, scarification, and body painting has its origins in tribal culture and practices. Many interpret this vanguard activity as a return to our tribal beginnings--a way to identify who we are in a world that has lost its sense of community. 

At last readers can try for themselves--in safe, nontoxic, and, best of all, nonpermanent ways--many of the body adornment techniques that are pictured and explained within their indigenous cultural context in last season's bestseller Return of the Tribal. The kit contains an ornate bindi from India, traditional kumkum body paints, a cosmetic piercing, henna from Pakistan, and several tribal tattoo designs of the Borneo and Dayak traditions. Each of the items included was chosen for its authenticity as well as aesthetic value. The accompanying 64-page book describes in words and illustrations how to apply each of the items, gives suggestions for how to create one's own designs, and reveals the history and significance of these body adornments in the cultures from which they originate and in which they are still practiced today. Readers will find this kit a perfect launching point for their entry into the world of body adornment, as well as a way to explore their own creativity in developing their own designs. It's the perfect way to Go Tribal!--even if only briefly.