Reflexology Today: The Stimulation of the Body's Healing Forces through Foot Massage

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By Doreen E. Bayly

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Doreen E. Bayly

Doreen E. Bayly
A professional reflexologist, Doreen Bayly trained in America under reflexology pioneer Eunice D. Ingham, and has developed her own method of treatment, which is presented in this book.



Stimulating the body's healing forces through massage of the reflex areas of the feet helps to increase blood circulation and relax tension in the nervous system. Reflexology encourages the whole body to renew itself so that all processes are working in harmony. As a diagnostic tool, reflexology reveals, by the tenderness of different parts of the foot, what organs or areas of the body are in a state of disorder. 

Provides a list of ailments that respond to reflexology, including glaucoma, migraine, liver disease, cataracts, asthma, neuritis, shingles (herpes zoster), arthritis, and sinus trouble. And by stimulating the nervous and vascular systems, reflexology can do much to retard the ageing process.

"Reflexology Today by Doreen E. Bayly is a guide to the theory and practice of reflexology- the art of restoring the body to health through special massage techniques applied to the feet. The book provides a list of ailments that respond to reflexology, including glaucoma, polio, migraine, liver disease, cataracts, head injuries, asthma, neuritis, shingles (herpes zoster), arthritis, back injuries and sinus trouble."
Thorsons Publishers

"Reflexology Today offers an explanation of the theory behind the technique of foot massage as well as detailed descriptions of reflexological treatments for various diseases. Her book is intended for student and public alike, and includes full-color, fold out reflexology charts."
Health Foods Business