Reflex Zone Therapy of the Feet: A Textbook for Therapists

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By Hanne Marquardt

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Hanne Marquardt

Hanne Marquardt
Hanne Marquardt trained in reflexology with Eunice Ingham in the U.S. and has maintained a practice in her native Germany for many years.



Reflex Zone Therapy of the Feet is a therapist's guide to the subtle method of compression massage, and includes reflex zones of the nervous system, causal reflex zones, and case histories.

This authoritative manual contains color illustrations detailing the reflex zones and includes thorough discussions of: the concept of reflex zones, review of the zones of the feet, positioning, grip-sequence, treatment procedure, treatment combinations, and treating yourself.  
"This book tells those who care for the sick how to use the feet for diagnosis and cure of illness. Using any medical background the therapist already has plus the knowledge given in this book, the therapist can expand the way a patient is treated. For example, massaging the feet can ease pain in the patient in other parts of the body. Detailed color photos give a vast amount of information."

Janice Lewis Freeman, SSC BOOKNEWS