Planting the Future: Saving Our Medicinal Herbs

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By Rosemary Gladstar

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Rosemary Gladstar

Rosemary Gladstar
A practicing herbalist with twenty-six years of experience, Rosemary Gladstar is the founder of United Plant Savers (UpS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving America's native medicinal plants, and cofounder of Sage Mountain Herbs, which offers a comprehensive herbal training  More...



Voted one of the Top 10 books in 2000 by the Vermont Book Publishers Association.

A collective endeavor by United Plant Savers, featuring America's most respected and well-known herbalists.

Contributors include Don Babineau, Tim Blakley, Mark Blumenthal, Jane Bothwell,  Stephen Harrod Buhner, David Bunting, Richo Cech,  Tane Datta, Shatoiya and Rick de la Tour, Ryan Drum, Doug Elliott, Steven Foster, Cascade Anderson Geller, Kate Gilday, Rosemary Gladstar, James Green, Pamela Hirsch, Christopher Hobbs, Sara Katz, Kathi Keville, Robyn Klein, Richard Liebmann, Brigitte Mars, Pam Montgomery, Nancy and Michael Phillips, Janice J. Schofield, Joanne Marie Snow, Deb Soule, Paul Strauss, Gregory L. Tilford, Krista Thie, Susun S. Weed, David Winston, Martin Wall, Matthew Wood.

While the renaissance in the U.S. botanical market is positive in many respects, medicinal plant populations are suffering from loss of habitat and overharvesting, and many bestselling herbs are now at risk including echinacea, American ginseng, goldenseal, Hawaiian wild kava, and wild yam. The authors share their extensive experience with using and growing thirty-three of these popular herbs and include suggestions for creating your own private herbal sanctuary--whether a city balcony, suburban backyard, or rural retreat. Full-color photographs will inspire experienced and novice herb users alike to protect and cultivate these remarkable healing plants. Readers will also find out how to use herbal analogues for at-risk plants--other medicinal herbs that provide the same benefits and exist in plentiful amounts--and learn ways to make their herbal purchases a vote for sustainability. Planting the Future shows us how we can participate in the land stewardship, habitat protection, and eco-friendly consumption that will ensure an abundant, renewable supply of medicinal plants for future generations.

All author royalties will be used for replanting native medicinal herbs on a 370-acre botanical sanctuary in Ohio.

"The United Plant Savers group is dedicated to the 'green medicine of plants,' a natural approach to the healing benefits of our flora. An important contribution to the literature of herbalism."
Alice Joyce, Booklist

Today's Books, February 8, 2001

"A ground-breaking book (pun intended). A manual for personal and planetary health, an important book for city and country dwellers alike."
Light of Consciousness, Winter 2002 

"A must-have for all of us who say that we worship the ground we walk on."
Barbara Ardinger, PanGaia: Earthwise Spirituality, Winter 2001-02

"The book draws on the experience not only of its two editors but also many other respected herbalists from the organization United Plant Savers."
Pearly Baker Best, Magical Blend's Natural Beauty & Health, Summer 2002