Pilates con balón: El ejercicio más popular del mundo usando un balón

Excerpts & Samples

By Colleen Craig

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Colleen Craig

Colleen Craig
Colleen Craig, author of the bestselling Pilates on the Ball and Abs on the Ball, is a Certified Stott Pilates trainer and writer. She lives in Toronto and teaches workshops throughout the world.



An exciting synthesis of two highly acclaimed fitness techniques: Pilates Method and the Swiss exercise ball

• Exercises for all ability levels

• Shows how to practice Pilates techniques without expensive equipment

• Profusely illustrated with black-and-white photographs for maximal learning

The Pilates Method of body conditioning aligns the body, builds long, lean muscles, and develops core abdominal strength. Many lifestyle and fitness magazines have named Pilates the hottest workout of the decade.

Pilates on the Ball merges the principles and exercises of the Pilates Method with the unique functions of the exercise ball. The ball intensifies athletic performance by increasing resistance and heightening awareness of how the body moves in space. Chapters detail the Pilates principles step by step, with movements intense enough to engage seasoned athletes, yet accessible enough to use as an everyday exercise routine.

"A unique and exciting synthesis of two highly-acclaimed fitness techniques. . . provides a new, low-impact way to get fit."
Total Health, September/October 2001

"Craig offers a unique and exciting synthesis of the Pilates Method of body conditioning and the Swiss exercise ball, providing a new, low-impact way to get fit."
Arizona Networking News, April/May 2002