Nutrition and Mental Illness: An Orthomolecular Approach to Balancing Body Chemistry

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By Carl C. Pfeiffer

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Carl C. Pfeiffer

Carl C. Pfeiffer
Carl C. Pfeiffer Ph.D., M.D. was the Director of the Brain Bio Center in Princeton, New Jersey.



Believing that drugs and psychoanalysis were not always the best course of treatment for a variety of mental illnesses, Dr. Carl Pfeiffer began an extensive program of research into the causes and treatment of mental illness, and in 1973 opened the Brain Bio Center in Princeton, New Jersey. Here, with a team of scientists, he found that many psychological problems can be traced to biochemical imbalances in the body. With these patients, he achieved unprecedented success in treating a wide range of mental problems by adjusting diet and providing specific nutritional supplements for those conditions where deficiences exist. This book documents his approach.

Each year, thousands of people are diagnosed as schizophrenic; many more suffer from depression, anxiety, and phobias.

Dr. Pfeiffer's methods of treatment presented in Nutrition and Mental Illness are a valuable adjunct to traditional therapies, and can bring hope of real wellness to many of those who suffer. 

"A proper biochemical balance is necessary to mental as well as physical health. In Nutrition and Mental Illness, Pfeiffer details how deficiencies (and excesses) of various nutrients can lead to imbalances that result in mood swings, manic-depressive states, schizophrenia and antisocial behavior. Pfeiffer also explains how these conditions are treated with nutrients rather than drugs; he calls the latter 'a door that leads nowhere."
Health Foods Business

"Many of the chapters outline possible causes and nutritional treatment for different mental disorders-from depression to senility. His methods may be a valuable adjunct to traditional therapies, and may offer hope to those who have had no success with those therapies."
Let's Live

"Nutrition and Mental Illness is very readable for physician and patient, presenting itself almost as a cookbook for approaching mental illness and most chronic physical illnesses."
Jonathan Collin, M.D., Townsend Letter for Doctors