Mastering Bach Flower Therapies: A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

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By Mechthild Scheffer

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Mechthild Scheffer

Mechthild Scheffer
Mechthild Scheffer has been active in the field of Bach Flower Therapy since 1978. She introduced Bach’s work into German-speaking countries in 1981 with her first book and has represented the English Bach Centre in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. She is the founder of the Institu More...



In Mastering Bach Flower Therapies: A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment, Mechthild Scheffer presents a comprehensive guide to incorporating Bach flowers into your life. The first practitioner to recognize the psychological underpinnings of the Bach flower remedies, Scheffer demonstrates that emotional and physical well-being are inextricably linked and shows how the flower therapies can be a powerful tool-not only for healing individual symptoms, but for putting the course of one's life back on track. With a thorough diagnostic questionnaire and color spectrographs of the most popular flowers, Mastering Bach Flower Therapies gives you all the expertise you need to put the healing therapies to work.

Scheffer's groundbreaking best-seller Bach Flower Therapy: Theory and Practice revolutionized the science of Bach flower remedies, detailing the healing properties of each individual flower.

Rather than using a dry, theoretical approach to treatment, Scheffer gives first-hand accounts of patients cured by the flowers and provides expert commentary on the course of their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. 
"The therapeutic power of a variety of flowing plants was first outlined and defined by the German Dr. Edward Bach, whose System of self-healing was described by Scheffer in Bach Flower Therapy. This companion volume further explains the principles of spiritual healing to be accomplished by the use of floral essences."
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