Summer Rendezvous With My Best Friend's Dad: Steamy Curvy Girl Age Gap Romance





As a man in uniform he was captivating.  But it's what's under his uniform that was irresistible... 

I couldn’t wait to see my bestie while I was home for the summer.  

I threw on a scandalous short romper for a night on the town.

I knew I shouldn’t crush on her dad.

A man in uniform with authority and muscles that could flip me upside down. 

Now that he’s divorced, my thighs tremble at the sight of him.

The perks of being with Mason include his 20 year unlimited experienced platinum card. 

No words were spoken that night, his eyes said enough. 

A heated kiss led to our summer fling that altered my whole future.

My pregnancy test was positive and it was the only time I wished I had failed a test.

I am nauseated at the thought of telling him or do I even tell him…