The Lost Civilization of Lemuria: The Rise and Fall of the World’s Oldest Culture

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By Frank Joseph

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Frank Joseph

Frank Joseph
Frank Joseph is the editor in chief of Ancient American magazine and the author of The Destruction of Atlantis, The Lost Civilization of Lemuria, Survivors of Atlantis, and The Lost Treasure of King Juba. He lives in Minnesota.



A compelling new portrait of the lost realm of Lemuria, the original motherland of humanity

• Contains the most extensive and up-to-date archaeological research on Lemuria

• Reveals a lost, ancient technology in some respects more advanced than modern science

• Provides evidence that the perennial philosophies have their origin in Lemurian culture

Before the Indonesian tsunami or Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans, there was the destruction of Lemuria. Oral tradition in Polynesia recounts the story of a splendid kingdom that was carried to the bottom of the sea by a mighty “warrior wave”--a tsunami. This lost realm has been cited in numerous other indigenous traditions, spanning the globe from Australia to Asia to the coasts of both South and North America. It was known as Lemuria or Mu, a vast realm of islands and archipelagoes that once sprawled across the Pacific Ocean. Relying on 10 years of research and extensive travel, Frank Joseph offers a compelling picture of this mother­land of humanity, which he suggests was the original Garden of Eden.

Using recent deep-sea archaeological finds, enigmatic glyphs and symbols, and ancient records shared by cultures divided by great distances that document the story of this sunken world, Joseph painstakingly re-creates a picture of this civilization in which people lived in rare harmony and possessed a sophisticated technology that allowed them to harness the weather, defy gravity, and conduct genetic investigations far beyond what is possible today. When disaster struck Lemuria, the survivors made their way to other parts of the world, incorporating their scientific and mystical skills into the existing cultures of Asia, Polynesia, and the Americas. Totem poles of the Pacific Northwest, architecture in China, the colossal stone statues on Easter Island, and even the perennial philosophies all reveal their kinship to this now-vanished civilization.
"Thoughtfully written, with a sense of irony and keen insight. . . . this is an exciting book from beginning to end."
Lee Prosser,, June 2006

". . . it is difficult to convey the breadth of information contained in this work. There is something to appeal to all metaphysical interests. This not merely a book on the alternative origin of mankind, it is the history that has always been there and rings with authority. . . . It easy to read and hard to put down. I recommend it highly."
Jennifer Hoskins, New Dawn, Mar-Apr 2007

"In this entertaining and intriguing book, Frank Joseph has again pieced together a marvelous history of ancient times."
David Paulsen, New Age Retailer, April 2007

"Frank Joseph's investigation tells fully, for the first time, the uplifting, and ultimately tragic, story of our ancestral home upon the waves."
Asian Pages, Vol. 19, No. 8

"One of the reasons why this may be the decisive book on Lemuria is Joseph's erudite and methodical analysis of the topic. Unlike most books about Lemuria, which dance fancifully with speculative theories and metaphysical non-sense, Joseph focuses on factual findings to build his hypotheses."
Michael Lohr, Mysteries Magazine, Issue 19, 2007-08