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Olga mbembe
Olga Mbembe is a Writer, Author, and Artist. She is passionate about life in a positive way, a lover of wellbeing and freedom in every aspect of life. She resides in South Africa, where she has embarked on her journey of self-discovery and humanitarianism



Is it your first time hearing voices –repetitive voices that tell you to do something that seems important but you’re hesitant because you have no clue on where to start?

Or have you just been told by your close friend that he or she is hearing voices but in as much as you would like to offer support, you are hesitant because you do not know how to offer the much-needed help without seeming inconsiderate and insensitive?

And are you looking for a book that has that all-in-one content, from how to live with the divine spirit’s voice to how to help others as a spirit guide?

If you’ve answered YES, keep reading…

You’re 1-Click Away From Discovering The World Of The Divine Spirit And The Spirit Guide That Will Help You Live A Better Life Without The Worries Of Questioning Your Sanity!

There’s a thin line between sanity and insanity – and this is revealed best when you either hear a voice that never goes away or when you are approached by a person who is going through the same.

Hearing voices shouldn’t be a curse. It should be a gift that should be embraced and nurtured with an aim of making the world better. This is because the divine spirit does not contact anyone without a purpose.

Therefore, whether you’re the one who is hearing the voices, or if you are a spirit guide who needs direction on how to help others, then this is the book for you!

If you’re wondering…

Why me?

Are there others who have been contacted by the spirit and have succeeded?

Can I really live with the voices?

How do I deal with the stigma and negative rep about hearing voices?

Can I be an efficient spirit guide?

If you have these and other related questions, you are in luck, as this book will address them all in simple, straightforward language.

In this book, you will find:

  • My story with the divine spirit
  • An elaborate heart-to-heart story about how I met the divine spirit in a library
  • An in depth discussion about the divine spirit’s voice
  • A discussion on what the voice entails, its history and how it affects areas of your life
  • Details on how to live with the voices
  • An in depth discussion on how to cope with the spirit voice and how to fight stigma
  • Details on spirit guiding
  • An elaborate discussion on how to be a good spirit guide and how to offer help to those who are touched by the divine spirit.
  • And much more!


So even if you’re fighting stigma and ridicule as a voice hearer, or even in you’re lost and confused because you do not know how to help a voice hearer, allow this book to prove to you that being touched by the divine spirit is not a curse but a gift!

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