Connection Lost - An anthology of Zen poetry in urban settings

ABOUT Prudenza Lacriola

Prudenza Lacriola



Where are you right now? What surrounds you? How does it feel? We got used to looking at ourselves and other human and non-human things as functional objects which exist only as long as they fulfill a purpose. But what is it that lets us be? What is it that keeps us alive? A pun on technology and the true essence of being, Connection Lost is a sensory journey from a back yard in London to the Amazon jungle - a bunch of thoughts and written images that will keep you company in the city, in the woods, by the seashore, on the train. Written in English with Italian parallel text, 15 poems and a short essay will take you on a journey into awareness, oneness, through the city, the nature, around self, art and poetry, Covid-19 and isolation. With influences ranging from Heidegger to Timothy Morton, from Ezra Pound to Matsuo Bashō, with Douglas Wood in between, the author tries to carry out what appears to be the essential task of poetry: to let the world that's already there emerge and become visible to the reader through language.