Dark Wave: Survival of Love and Hope

Romance, General Fiction

By Stan Loveday

Publisher : Independent publisher

Dark Wave: Survival of Love and Hope

ABOUT Stan Loveday

Stan Loveday
As a retired Firefighter now living aboard a ketch rigged sailboat in the Florida Keys, my writing is drawn on real life experiences to immerse the reader into the novel and feel the terror of when things go south.  



A couple leaves on a sailing trip of a lifetime, only to be trapped in a life and death struggle with the power of mother nature. From weather spawned out of a hurricane no one saw forming, the couple's resolve to survive will be tested to their limits, and beyond. To survive, they will have to beat both the elements they are forced to endure, and the failures mounting around them. Can they manage to survive when all hope is lost? Follow our two beleagered travelers as they travel the waters of the Caribbean in search of themselves.

[i][b]“Dark Wave[/b][/i]” is a novel about a couple that embark on a sailing trip of a lifetime, only to be caught in an life and death struggle against the power of Mother Nature. It follows a couple as they learn to survive by drawing on their inner strenghts during times when all hope is lost. The power of the sea and failures caused by Murphy will keep you on the edge of your seat reading. What the movie “Jaws” did for swimming this will do for dreams of Sailing. So, if you have ever dreamed of sailing off into the sunset, crystal blue seas, beautiful islands and lush green forests, DON’T READ this book. You will never want to leave dry land again! So grab your life jackets and rain coats and visit my book. Available on Amazon in both Ebook and print.