The Invisible Player: Consciousness as the Soul of Economic, Social, and Political Life

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By Mario Kamenetzky

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Mario Kamenetzky

Mario Kamenetzky
Former Science and Technology Specialist for the World Bank, Mario Kamenetzky has been involved in world economics for nearly 50 years as a professor, corporation officer, and independent consultant. The author of several books in Spanish as well as Choice and Management of Technology in D More...



How consciousness can cure the socioeconomic ills of society and restore hope in the workplace and at home.

• A book for every  individual who has ever dreamed of running a successful business without having to sacrifice personal integrity. 

• Offers a blueprint for recovering our psychological, sexual, and political health.

With welcome candor and insight, The Invisible Player brings into focus why, despite tremendous financial success and technological advancement, people today remain unfulfilled, discouraged, and sick at heart from living in a world that has replaced compassion with violence and greed. Every professional man and woman who has ever dreamed of running a successful business without having to sacrifice personal integrity in the process will be inspired by Mario Kamenetskyis vision. 

The Invisible Player guides us through the development of human consciousness--specifically how and why our socioeconomic consciousness has been shaped toward the pursuit of power and wealth rather than the enjoyment of life and love. Through examples of alternate socioeconomic systems, Kamenetsky offers us a blueprint of how we may reclaim our psychological, sexual, and political health to create a more joyful future in which we can succeed in combining our current technical and financial rationality with a more highly developed compassion for humanity. 

"Mario Kamenetzky is extraordinary. This remarkable book reads like a novel while acting as a learning experience, a life experience."
Frederick Franck, Ph.D., author of The Zen of Seeing

"Profound and important."
Hazel Henderson, author of Paradigms in Progress and Building a Win-Win World

"A singularly important book . . . it shows in very practical ways how consciousness is the pivot of our social, political, and economic life."
Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D., author of Structures of Consciousness and Lucid Waking

"Connecting the evolution of consciousness to economic and social development is new terrain, and therefore bound to be controversial. The bulk of economic theory simply has ignored the consciousness dimension altogether, not to speak of its evolution over time. The grounding of Mario Kamenetzky's views are solid on both sides of the bridge he is trying to build. . . . [The Invisible Player] provides a substantial first step in raising questions to which economic and social theory has been blind until now."
Bernard Lietaer, author of The Future of Money, co-designer of the European single currency system and Research Fellow, Center for Sustainable Resources, UC-Berkeley

"This book should be required reading for policymakers at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Protesters of those institutional policies would also benefit from exposure to this heartfelt manuscript written by somebody "on the inside." Kamenetzky has the soul of a poet and the analytical skills of a scientist."
Tom Healy, Branches