How Would It Feel?

Excerpts & Samples

By Mary Beth Goddard

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Mary Beth Goddard

Mary Beth Goddard
Mary Beth Goddard wrote How Would It Feel? for her son, Alex, who has been challenged by ill health since his birth. She owns a graphic production company and lives in Wisconsin.



Takes children on an imaginative journey, inviting their personal exploration of all aspects of nature

• Presents a series of fantastic hypothetical questions that encourages children to imagine an intimate and playful relationship with the natural world

• Contains vivid and intricate full-color illustrations to spark the imagination

• For children ages 4 to 6

In How Would It Feel? Mary Beth Goddard takes children on a journey of fantastic proportions, inviting them to imagine a playful interaction with the natural world. How would it feel to ride on a breeze . . . splash down with the rain . . . play tag with the sun . . . or wake up in a flower? Children and parents alike will have an opportunity to view the world from widely varying perspectives, such as high in the sky or deep under the sea. But the final stanza provides reassuring closure, returning children to the safety of home: "It’s time to go back / to your own bed and rest, / back to the family / who loves you the best."

The repeated poetic phrasing beginning each passage provides early reading skill development, and the vivid and intricate details in the watercolor artwork successfully extend and amplify the text, inviting many hours of exploration.

"Developmentally, a big step for any child is being able to sympathize with another person’s viewpoint: in other words, walk in someone else’s shoes. The imaginary journey of How Would It Feel? helps the child reach this important developmental stage and have lots of fun at the same time."
Muninn, Family Literacy with Fantasy Fiction, Feb 2006

"The artwork and the poems work together to create an unusual world for children, a world that is full of adventure and positive pathways."
Lee Prosser,, March 9, 2006

"The vivid illustrations in this children's book are gorgeous! How Would It Feel? takes children on a journey of fantastic proportions, inviting them to imagine a playful interaction with the natural world."
Quest Bookshop, Feb 2006

"How Would It Feel? is all about finding wonder in nature, and kids will love this call to interact with their surroundings from a fresh perspective. Parents, on the other hand, will love the way the book brings them back to that special time, when everything looked so new, and all seemed possible…even swinging from the arms of a shining star in the sky." Marie D. Jones, curled up with a good kid's, June 2006

". . . the illustrations are sure to catch your eye and grab your heart."
Pagan Reviews, Spring '06

"Whimsical and fun, yet comforting and calm, this book will become a bedtime favorite, and a springboard for creative play and artistic expression. Highly recommended for children 4 to 6."
Lyda Whiting, Awareness, July-Aug 2006

"How Would It Feel? is a fantastical adventure in nature. The readers are transported on the breeze, fall with the rain, shake hands with lightning, swing with the stars, and play tag with the sun. It's such whimsical fun. . . . The illustrations are bright and playful, further adding to the experience."Dr. Tami Brady, TCM Reviews, Nov 2007