How to Practice Mayan Astrology: The Tzolkin Calendar and Your Life Path

Excerpts & Samples

By Bruce Scofield

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Bruce Scofield

Bruce Scofield
Bruce Scofield is the author of seven books on astrology, including Day-Signs: Native American Astrology from Ancient Mexico and Signs of the Time: An Introduction to Mesoamerican Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer for more than 36 years and lives in Amherst, Massachusetts.



A contemporary and practical guide to Mayan astrological techniques

• Discusses the logic and meaning of the 20 day-signs of the Mayan calendar

• Explains the many cycles of Mayan astrology, such as the 9-day cycle of the Night Lords and the 13-day trecena

• Contains extensive tables of Mayan astrological data, allowing readers to cast their own Mayan horoscopes

How to Practice Mayan Astrology presents a contemporary guide to one of the most sophisticated astrological systems ever developed. Like other ancient peoples, the Maya looked to the cycles of the planets as markers of time and designators of order. The predictable cycles they observed became codified in the Mayan calendar and astrological system as a way of organizing the seeming chaos of human life.

Mayan astrology is based on 20 named days that are cycled 13 times to create a 260-day calendar, the Tzolkin. The authors explain the symbolism, logic, and meaning of the 20 day-signs; how these signs reflect 260 possible personality types; and how they can be used for divination. They also explain the important role of the Four Directions and the planet Venus in one’s personality matrix and life issues. Included are extensive, easy-to-use tables of Mayan astrological data, allowing readers to determine their day-signs, to see how these signs are also influenced by the cycle of the Night Lords and the 13-day trecena, and to cast their own horoscopes.
"Everything that you would need to set up your own personal Maya life path chart is included . . . . This is not just another interesting book, it is a work in progress, and a tool that can be used by all who wish to."
Bonnie Cehovet,, Dec 2006

"Bear Books has once again brought a fine book to the readers. Full of interesting insights and observations, the authors are to be congratulated on a well-written astrology book which covers a subject rarely seen in print. The tables make up a considerable portion of the book and serve as a distinct guide to casting the horoscope.

"Step-by-step, the reader is given a sound and logical explanation of Mayan astrology. The definitions and discussion of the signs is precise. A guide to the culture of the Mayans is given for reference.

"Well-written. Interesting. Enjoyable."Lee Prosser,, March 2007

“Insightful and grounded in the authentic calendar tradition, this much needed book is an ingenious exposition of Mayan astrology. It explains in simple terms, and fully utilizes, many indispensable features that are too often overlooked, providing an unparalleled practical guide and everyday reference.” 
John Major Jenkins, author of Maya Cosmogenesis 2012

"For those who enjoy astrology, history, and culture, I highly recommend How to Practice Mayan Astrology."
Elder Frank Spirit Wolf La Rusch, Whirling Rainbow, Vol. 20, No. 4