False Roads to Manhood: What Women Need to Know; What Men Need To Understand

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Frank Chase Jr
Dr. FRANK CHASE, JR., author of False Roads To Manhood, What Women Need To Know; What Men Need To Understand, and the new release, KLEPTOMANIAC: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway? He is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He considers himself a miracle because at birth he weighed only two pound More...


The new release from F C Publishing, LLC, False Roads to Manhood, subtitled, What Women Need To Know, What Men Need to Understand is the author's seven journey of adventure, suspense and intrigue into the heart and soul of the secret life of manhood. This profound book invites those seeking wisdom, knowledge and understanding about the hidden truths of a lifetime to embark on a journey that answers questions about men that most people only think about but dare not ask. The journey will revolutionize the lives of men and women concerning the greatest issues of the millennium. Are you ready to travel into the critical zone of men' s inner emotions? Chase writes with surgical precision and guides men on an extraordinary journey through their souls, not only to help men understand themselves but informs women about today's Adam; in Christ. The journey is for men on a trek for life s purpose. At every crossroad, a decision must be made. This book shares personal behind the scene accounts from men of varying backgrounds. He teaches how men can unashamedly surrender their pain and get back on the road to healing and productive living. And for the success addicts who can' t stomach failure, False Roads To Manhood illuminates the road to balanced manhood. Find the right road and get off the false roads to discover the powerful man that God has called you to be. Breaking free from the false T.R.A.D.I.T.I.O.N. s of men is paramount in this hour as men embark on a bold new journey.

Have ever experienced something and decided to educate yourself in an effort to better your situation and found out that what is published does not help? Well that's the experience I had decades ago after going through a divorce. When I began to search for ways to recover and heal by reading books about manhood and divorce, I was shocked and amazed that the genre of books about this subject was not covered extensively in the literary world. So I began a seven research journey into the heart and soul of manhood to find out what men really think and what happens as they travel the roads of life. False Roads To Manhood came about as a result of my search for healing and recovery and that lead me to write a book about manhood that really touches the issues men face in life to bring them to a place where they can celebrate manhood as whole men and not as broken men.

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Book Blurb:

“. . . A compelling message that provides an unmasking of false roads...the catalyst to setting men on the right path to healing their brokenness.”

- - Books2Mention Magazine

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“False Roads To Manhood, What Women Need To Know, What Men Need To Understand is in essence an analytical study of the journey of manhood. Provided with meticulous precision the author Frank Chase walks the reader through many pitfalls that often times lead to brokenhearted men. This is a compelling message that provides an unmasking of false roads as Mr. Chase articulately depicts them as the T. R. A. D. I. T. O. N. s. of manhood.”

“This book is provided as a fundamental guide that will generate thought, encouraging movement to expose those hidden painful experiences that ultimately shape men. Causing them to become angry men who feel rejected, abandoned, discouraged, uncomfortable with expressing emotions, uninformed about the trueness of manhood and a host of other issues that plaque our men today. Robbing them of the chance to live the lives that they were predestined to live.”

“Understanding and following the six steps of manhood, which are provided in detail in this noteworthy book will be the catalyst to setting men on the right path to healing their brokenness. This is an opportunity for men to redefine their lives and get back on the life track as healed men, mind, body and soul. A chance to break free of the false traditions and reach authentic manhood. Mr. Chase has provided an excellent tool that can be utilized by men and women alike. It is indeed a wealth of knowledge that is well expressed and definitely a must read.”

- - Books2Mention Magazine 

Online Book Review by Mike Ramey

One of the more unusual books that has crossed my desk on the subject of men and manhood deals with many of the lies that boys and men have been told over the years by the press, school, church,  and even our families. “False Roads to Manhood” is a detailed work from author Frank Chase, Jr. (2005, 288 pages, FC Publishing, LLC).

I can assure you this book will not be finished by the end of a weekend. It is designed to challenge the reader to explore some of the lies that they have been bombarded with over the years, and how a young man (or not so young man) can find their way out to the wilderness, and into a path of meaningful manhood.

Chase handles such topics as rejection, incarceration, truancy, and the need for an overcoming spirit in life’s discouragements. While he doesn’t offer a pretense that he is an expert, he does write from a standpoint of sharing his wisdom and life experiences with an upcoming generation of young men.

With ten sections, and forty chapters, this book is not a book that one will be able to finish in one weekend. However, with a little persistence, and an eye on detail, one could digest it over the course of a few spare weekends. There are some bonuses enclosed in the way of poetry and scripture verses. You can find out more about the work at the Website: http://www.fcpublishing.com/about_manhood.

Mike Ramey

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FALSE ROADS TO MANHOOD by Frank Chase, Jr. is a must read. This book is for every person that is capable of being real with himself concerning the concept of what truly makes a man a man. This book will force you to deal with many of the urgent needs that every man will eventually have to face as they make their way through this journey that we call life.  Chase did an excellent job weaving these concepts with Biblical scripture, and as you read this book your “inner man” will continue to be fed in the process.  Frank Chase, Jr., is ahead of his time as a writer.  I believe that this book needs to be personally put into every man's hand so that he may have the understanding required to make the transition.  

Book reviewed by Dark Pen THE GHOST a.k.a THE GENTLEMAN

Mastering Manhood

Contrary to popular belief, men don't learn about manhood through osmosis... from the boyhood to manhood, husbandhood and fatherhood stages, we need proper training, guidance and leadership from seasoned battle proven men and Frank Chase Jr., fits the mold! Like a great father, mentor, coach and razor sharp drill instructor, he safely guides us through the rough terrain, pitfalls and booby traps of being a man. "False Roads To Manhood" is a must read for every male man young and old. It will challenge and change you!

- Gillis Triplett

CEO of Mastering Manhood

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“We need not look far to see the repercussions of sons and daughters growing up without fathers, or grown girls grappling in marriages to grown boys, both searching for their fathers, or a semblance of a father, for affirmation of themselves. For every man and woman in search of themselves, the lost, given away, taken away, or abandoned parts of themselves should stop everything they are doing, hole up in a quiet place with “False Roads…”, read it and re-read it word for word, from cover to cover. You will emerge a new person. 
“In this painfully good work, Frank reminds us all of the redemptive power of the Cross. Frank becomes vulnerable, stripping himself of male egotism and pride’s false coverings, revealing true manhood, imploring both men and women alike to lay down their burdens of brokenness, shed their cloaks of guilt and shame and rise up from the ashes in the beauty of wholeness and the beauty of holiness.” 
- Iris Raeshaun, Publisher of OURNEWS Christian Magazine