From Mediocre to Marvelous Live a Fulfilled Life

From Mediocre to Marvelous Live a Fulfilled Life

ABOUT Deborah Watkins

Deborah Watkins
Deborah Watkins is the Author of From Medicore to Marvelous. Living a Fulfilled Life. She is an Author, Speaker & Life Motivator. She retired from New York State Department of Correction after 33 years of service. She decided to embark on a new journey as a writer. She is the mother of More...



This book captures the personal journey of the author who overcame a dysfunctional beginning in life to become an outstanding leader in her place of employment and community. She was very fortunate in that she was able to be solo at critical times. The author learned early on how to assess a situation and make the best decision concerning her life. The author shares that there were others who aided in her success, but wants each reader to know that successful people cannot be afraid to step out on faith and sometimes alone. The author shares that there were times when she was the "underdog" but she never allowed the situation to over take her. She gives the reader sound wisdom on making situations work for you even in difficult places, having worked in a male dominated system for 30+ years. The author also gives sound wisdom on raising African American children to be successful adults. Her self exposure and faith in God has truly take her life from Mediocre to Marvelous