The river of Last Spring

The river of Last Spring

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Zahid Hussain



It is heartbreaking for Richard to grow up learning that his mother is a prostitute, people in neighborhood and fellows in school know this fact well. Therefore, no one speaks or likes to play with him, and he is being forced to live his adolescence in isolation under the shadow of shame and guilt. All through his teenage years, Richard wonders how to bring about change in his life, and during the course, an unexpected mentor leads him to the mystical path that Richard diligently begins to follow. The hope begins to gleam, the bad omens begin to fade, and life offers a promising start until finally Richard gives in to the pressures of life. After losing his mother and his true love, Richard turns away from his mentor but not without paying a hefty price. But who is his mentor? How does she help him to overcome the hurdles of life? Is she punishing Richard out of jealousy for his attention to other women, or is it something deeper?