Tommy the Giraffe: Night Time Stories (Animal Tales for Kids Age 4-12)

Middle Grade, Children's Books


Publisher : Destra World Books Publishing, LLC

Tommy the Giraffe: Night Time Stories (Animal Tales for Kids Age 4-12)


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Tommy thinks of himself as the clumsiest giraffe in the world. Try as he may, he can't stay upright for too long before taking a tumble. The other animals call him terrible nicknames and that's what hurts him the most. He's too tall to run away and hide, so he must find another way to deal with the ridicule.

When Tommy sees a storm coming in the distance, he warns the other animals and they all take shelter. He is surprised to discover that his helpfulness has earned him some new friends. He bravely begins to do more for others. Being useful inspires him to look beyond his awkward height and all the ways- he is different. Not everyone in the Savanna is thankful, of course, some animals would love to eat him, but that doesn't stop Tommy from doing his best every day.

One day, poachers are heading toward Tommy and his friends. This puts the community's safety in danger! Motivated by love, Tommy realizes he is able to safeguard the lives of others and, in turn, learns something about himself that is very surprising.

Vividly illustrated, Tommy the Giraffe is a heartwarming animal tales children of all ages will relate to. It teaches valuable lessons about grace, purpose, and caring about others in spite of their actions, while emphasizing the importance of accepting and loving ourselves.