ABOUT Evans Priligkos

Evans Priligkos
Evans Priligkos was born in Ilioupoli Athens, Greece. He studied Business Administration in Techical Insitute of Crete, but his true love was writing. He wrote his first story at the age of 12. His debut novel The Law of Nature took eight years to complete... and now is available!!!



There is a guilty secret which remains hidden by the end of World War II. People believe in free will, but is this actual true? The story takes place in modern-day Chicago, where a downfallen Greek philosopher and novelist named Jason Hannibal will attempt to uncover the biggest scandal of all time and meant a new era for people. At his side, he will find another man of Greek descent, Mark Ligos, who is a young and talented police inspector and an ex-marine. These two together will begin the biggest adventure of their lives. During their journey, many truths about the actual operation of the world, numerous scandals, but also facts about the so-called democracy are going to be revealed, while the twists will follow one another and unexpected characters are going to play decisive roles. Their opponents… a powerful secret brotherhood, security forces of USA and the lack of time, as they have only one night to succeed, otherwise when the sun rises, humanity’s last hope is going to be lost and …The Law of Nature will prevail!