Healing Springs: The Ultimate Guide to Taking the Waters

Excerpts & Samples

By Nathaniel Altman

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Nathaniel Altman

Nathaniel Altman
Nathaniel Altman traveled to Germany and Cuba and interviewed scientists from Russia, France, Italy, and the United States to obtain documented scientific evidence and clinical findings on the role of oxygen therapies as detoxifying agents and immunoregulators. He has authored more than 15 More...



The first book to present medical evidence that mineral springs can prevent and cure disease--and to tell you which spas are most effective

• Lists more than 200 of the best hot springs and mineral springs in the world and the health conditions best treated at each, with a special emphasis on springs in the U.S. and Canada

• Reviews additional healing techniques that best complement bathing in and drinking medicinal waters--such as acupuncture, homeopathy, fasting programs, and fitness training

• Includes photos of everything from famous spas to little-known hot springs

The Fountain of Youth does exist! Author Nathaniel Altman shows that "taking the waters" is a powerful healing tool that rejuvenates the body and prevents a host of illnesses.  Until now, it's been the best-kept secret for promoting and maintaining health and vitality.

The use of natural mineral spring water for the prevention and cure of disease dates back 5000 years to the Bronze Age. Hot springs reached their heyday in the United States in the latter part of the 19th century and were well attended until the early 1940s. Balneotherapy--using natural mineral spring water for the prevention and cure of disease--continued to thrive elsewhere in the world and is making a big comeback in the United States. It is an accepted form of mainstream medicine in Europe and Japan, where an abundance of medical evidence shows that in addition to relieving stress, certain mineral waters can help the body heal itself from heart, liver, and kidney problems, skin diseases, asthma, digestive disorders, arthritis, and a host of other health problems.
"In-depth research of medical and scientific journals along with interviews of numerous physicians who work in this specialized field."
The New Times, February, 2001

"Altman's book is an easy-to-read, comprehensive guide to the healing waters of the world."
Whole Life Times, April 2001

". . . enormously helpful for choosing just the right surrounding that would be best for personal health."The Book Reader, Spring/Summer 2001

"This book offers excellent explanations of healing water, its sources, criteria, and what ailments are healed."
Network for Women's Spirituality, March/April/May 2003

". . . Nathaniel Altman's Healing Springs is a comprehensive guide to crenotherapy--healing with mineral and thermal waters. . . . From toughening regimens to routines designed to help you relax, spa therapy should be part of any fitness program."
Nexus, Sept-Oct 2005

"This is truly the work of a person with a passion for the healing properties of water. A bonus is the more than 100 beautiful color photos."
Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide, Mar 2007