Hay Fever: The Complete Guide: Find Relief from Allergies to Pollens, Molds, Pets, Dust Mites, and more

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By Jonathan Brostoff

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Jonathan Brostoff

Jonathan Brostoff
Jonathan Brostoff is Honorary Consulting Physician and Professor of Allergy and Environmental Health at University College London Medical School. He is recognized as a leading international authority on food allergy and intolerance. He lives in London.



A step-by-step guide to understanding and coping with hay fever, perennial rhinitis, and other allergic reactions.

• Helps to determine whether you really suffer from hay fever and how to deal with it on a year-round basis.

• Shows how to lessen your symptoms without drugs and how to avoid reactions in the first place.

• Explains how to minimize the development of allergies in your children.

• Includes appendices on pollen seasons around the world, air pollution, and useful products and resources.

Almost everyone has thought that they may be suffering from hay fever at one time or another. But what is hay fever? And what are the most effective treatments? Hay Fever: The Complete Guide looks at these questions and provides the scientific background on the causes and types of hay fever and related sinus conditions and how to treat them for the most effective results. The authors explore all the issues of respiratory allergies, including the links between asthma and hay fever and the related issue of preventing allergies in children. They also discuss the role of food allergies and allergens and review the common myths surrounding them. The most effective treatments, both drug-based and homeopathic, are analyzed and weighed against one another. Helpful Appendices offer a summary of the causes, symptoms, and possible treatments for hay fever as well as various sources for further information. 

"Comprehensive yet highly readable guide."
AznetNews, December 2002-January 2003

". . . a comprehensive layman's guide to diagnosis and treatment. . . . Hay Fever is a necessity for any library!"
Lisa K. Speer, The Shy Librarian, Spring 2003

"It gives suggestions for how to avoid pollen and provides a guide to allergens in the home."
Network for Women's Spirituality, June/July/August 2003

". . . outlines the pros and cons of conventional drugs and allergy shots and discusses effective alternative therapies."
Alternative Medicine, Jul/Aug 2003