Keturah's Song: Tale of a Life Intercepted

ABOUT S. Denice Newton

S. Denice Newton



It’s always a struggle to gain the upper hand—and endless tug-of-war. When there is more light, there is less darkness. When there is more darkness, there is more light. Always.

It was predicted that a time of darkness was to befall the world. In an attempt to keep it at bay, light was manifested into a child that had not yet left the womb. This child was to be born and serve as the bringer of light, hope, and prosperity to a world that needed it most. This girl’s name was Keturah Rachel Adams.

High school graduation with honors. Sights set on Princeton University to pave the way to a political career. The future is bright and nothing like the dark, impoverished, and crime-filled past that occasionally haunts her sleeping form. It was a bright vision, infallible… until a series of tragedies and terrible events including murder and attempted rape start to plague Keturah’s life.
Trust is replaced with distrust. Hopefulness is replaced with fearful hopelessness. Prestige is wrongly replaced with accusations and infamy. Love is replaced by heartbreak. What she doesn’t know, is that a force of darkness trails and follows behind her… and he intends to snuff out that bright gleam of light within her—no matter what it takes.

How can she be considered a light in the darkness when it seems to be everywhere she turns?

Many of us go through life not fully understanding why certain things happened or why we felt led to make decisions. Often times there are unseen forces unknown to us orchestrating things like the wizard behind the curtain. We are born in to this world with purpose and destiny. If we follow the destined path, we will fulfill our duty to humanity and go the way of the ancestors in peace. It is critical that we do not allow circumstances, doubters, or naysayers keep us from the pursuit of goals or aspirations. The process of death begins the moment we are born which is precisely why we must go hard after our dreams and do it unapologetically. Keturah's Song was one of grief and turmoil but her fierce determination to overcome circumstances makes her a role model and force to be reckoned with.

"Keturah's Song" is one of the best books that I've read in a long time! I can definitely see myself in the strong-willed Keturah."  -G. Holly, Houston, TX.

"As I read this book, I envisioned the movie and actors that would be perfect for the roles of Keturah and Prince-Malachi. I am now reading the book for the third time!" F. Larsen, Greensboro, NC

"A combination of paranormal, suspense, fantasy, romance, Christian, and women makes this book appealing to anyone and everyone! Great story! V. Washington, Charleston, SC.