The Heirloom: A Novelette

The Heirloom: A Novelette

ABOUT Tonya Rice

Tonya Rice
Author and Richmond (VA) Landmarks & Historic Districts Examiner, Wife, mom, classic film fan and power walker.



Arnie Somers, a loving and caring family man, is now facing a crisis he never expected.

His wife and daughter are in a horrific auto accident and he's afraid of losing them.

As his wife, Violet, struggles to survive, she tells Arnie he must realize the time has come to hand over her beloved heirloom brooch to their daughter. He believes if she doesn't talk about giving it away, she'll survive.

Years later, Arnie must deal with his own medical emergency and in those moments, he discovers the depths of her love.

˃˃˃ The Heirloom is a poignant tale of everlasting love and a testament to the power of an eternal bond.

Some swearing.

categories: metaphysical women's fiction, romance fantasy, metaphysical fiction, family crisis, family life women's fiction, family life, metaphysical romance, paranormal fantasy, paranormal romance

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