Just Once


By Prachi Agasti

Publisher : Authorspress

ABOUT Prachi Agasti

prachi agasti
May be my identity dwells upon the path of career, me being an undergraduate in College of Engineering and Technology, Odisha but certainly that may not be the only one. I am my father’s cherished daughter, my mother’s nagging yet lovable doll and friend’s adored better half. I alwa More...


“Someone who loves you wouldn’t put itself in a position to lose its beloved, because the best thing one can offer in love is its own presence.”

June who has always been disposed to look on the bright side, to seek for gleam masked in almost everything, in a twist of fate; entwines with a person fleeing from the glitters of good
things. And Brian’s life is never the same when June ends up as his partner in high school.

When the ‘firefly’ illuminated his griddle, he found hope trickling down from the possibilities. Being stuck with June shows him the depths of the human heart and leads him to a decision so stunning it would send irrevocably on the road to battle his emotions. 

It is said in love the higher you climb, the further you fall. When light invaded the dark once affairs of the hearts were risked. What will happen when the ‘firefly’ itself burns everything down? But curveball is one way of life strangling over and gambling through the love, trust, sacrifice and broken promises, will the two heartbeats seize their love forever or the light would eventually burn everything down? 

I always had the bits and pieces of an undying love story, a seed mingled with a longing to put it into words. I hadn’t ever thought I could make those jumbled mess of parts into a decent story. But I was inspired and inspired enough to work upon it, my passion with relentless efforts until I carve the ending to that story. Just Once, a story of an undying love, a story that could clench your heart into an ache, a story that could make you crave for a love that quenches your soul was born. And so was an author, who may not be a best among the writing society of the world, but a promising one who could make you ride through those parts of your heart that you haven’t even dreamt of.

From Amazon.in

Well, the only thing I didn't like about the novel is that it seemed to be the repetition of monotonous Indian love stories that I dislike the most.
Since, this is a school-level story execution, the factor can be overlooked.

The author has presented the love story, walking along the thinnest line of romance.
She has not poured out the romance to exceed any limit, almost the perfect touch.

At such a tender age, it's a magic to compose such a lovestory.

If I were a beginner of readers, I would have rated it a 5-star, but I have to rate it a 4 star, but the author herself is the brightest star.

My expectations are beyond the pinnacle from you, dearest author. Please compel me to give the fifth star in your next work.

The best line of the novel that stood throughout :

"Falling In Love has not always been happily ever after story. Most of the time, it has been just once upon a time".

I can't ever come out from the aura of this magical line.

All the best dearest author. You yourself are a magus of words, the Wordsmith.