Eva: A Tale of Love, Lies, and Luxury

Eva: A Tale of Love, Lies, and Luxury

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Smart, sexy, and sophisticated Eva Reed has it all: beauty, brains, and a successful high-powered career at Talks Talks magazine. Wife to one of the city’s most powerful men, Eva’s used to getting exactly what she wants – especially when it comes to men.

Her insatiable appetite leads her down a wild path of infidelity, including an affair with mail clerk Josh, her most recent – and riskiest encounter to date.

Shuffling envelopes at the bottom of the company, Josh has always known their affair came with limits. Eva’s gorgeous, wealthy, and married, while he’s barely making ends meet. Despite this, he can’t help the envious desire growing in his heart. Every moment he allows Eva to live happily ever after with her husband is another moment he can’t have her to himself – and he’s almost ready to get her at any cost.

Attorney William Reed knows Eva’s the perfect compliment to his ambitious, power-driven lifestyle. But when a mysterious object is discovered at home, he’s wondering whether his perfect wife is truly perfect after all.

William’s close friend is hired to investigate Eva’s activity, yet his attempts are futile. Eva’s strategy is simply too slick for him. But everything changes once he crosses paths with a mysterious woman who may potentially help solve the case - and his sexual frustration.

Filled with intense erotic scenes, emotional complexity, and suspense, Eva: A Tale of Love, Lies, and Luxury is guaranteed to keep you turning the page until the last scene drops.