The Village: A Year in Twelve Tales

ABOUT J.J. Anderson

J.J. Anderson
I am a writer and publisher. I was born in the English midlands but have lived most of my life in London, with my husband and cats. I set up The Story Bazaar publishing imprint early in 2015 and published my first collection of short stories, called 'The Village; A Year in Twelve Tales'   More...



Amusing, engaging and moving - just some of what readers say.


People are already asking for the next slice of English village life

It is New Year and a father and son visit a disused aerodrome, where they find a mysterious link to their past. In Spring a young boy becomes entranced by nature, he is growing up as he chases a hare. A marriage enters its death throes, with a terrifying drive. May-time sees a gardening competition re-kindle an old rivalry amid mourning and bereavement. There are dastardly deeds at the Summer Fete. Real violence erupts with an influx of transient newcomers at harvest time. Later, in the rain, a new arrival to the village learns the importance of first impressions.

Twelve inter-linked stories portray a year in the life of the village and its wide cast of characters, as four generations of the Marshall family negotiate their own family saga, while, around them babies are born, plots are hatched, romance blooms and marriages founder and death, both anticipated and unlooked for, pays a call.


Readers say

  • 'The prose is clear and crisp, and the build towards the last story is subtly done, with many threads coming together for an exciting climax.' Stuart Wakefield, Kindle best-seling author
  • 'Anderson cleverly interlinks all the characters and end up becoming extremely attached to the village and the people who reside in it. I look forward to many more titles.' A Cheeky Booklover (Goodreads book reviewer)
  • 'This is a tour de force..... I shall look out for the next publication from this talented writer.' JPG ( review)
  • 'This book is good - really good.' review
  • 'A gem of interwoven tales - I was totally absorbed in this book from page one. I hope very much that there will be further publications telling more about the people I felt I was getting to know so well.' review
  • 'Totally absorbing, this book will delight anyone who is interested in people and their emotions, motivations and relationships.' review
  • 'I would recommend this captivating account as a companion for a winter's evening or on a Mediterranean beach.' review.

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