The Confluence of Souls

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance, Poetry

By Alexandra Sunday

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ABOUT Alexandra Sunday

Alexandra Sunday
I was born in Slovakia, but have lived in Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic. Being in so many places has changed my perception on life. Therefore, I do not believe in borders, nor boundaries, that separate us as a people. That is why I have decided to write in a language that is more wi More...


This darkness, this unexplained darkness inside your room, where even shadows do not exist, where no sound can be deciphered, no light has the answer, where you simply close your eyes and let yourself drift to other worlds, places where mystery and secrets remain… What happens when the dreams turn into nightmares and you are captured behind closed eyes? Nobody shall awaken if souls are not brought back to the Majestic Tree of Hope. When the dreams of reality cannot be chosen, then the dream-workers set in to answer the unanswered questions; will humanity discover new life or will the skeptical minds bring this world into danger?

The Confluence of Souls by Alexandra Sunday is a book in which it is often difficult to distinguish what is the reality of the dream, because the two roads intersect so much to show in a single image the relations between the individuals and the world around them which evolve so that all sorts of novelty inevitably turn into everyday life.

In the book it is more often described what happens in everyday life, in the moment of escape, when to accept the reality you create a world of fantasy, a world parallel to escape and get lost as the protagonists thus try to reach their lost happiness, when growing up they realize that games are a distant memory despite the passage of only a few years and that the reality probably is too narrow.

So in the book you get lost in a fluent reading along with the thoughts of young characters that creates their own little world of dreams more than reality where in the life of every day the person is at the mercy of circumstances and is not in a position to significantly influence the course of events.

The events follow one another, and this situation of fatal inevitability seems impossible to overcome. It seems. In fact, however, an unexpected way out exists where reality has two forms a physical, you can touch, and metaphysics, which extends beyond the perception, but that does not make it any less objective.

In a sense the world is set up as a boundless dual mirror, which contains on the one hand the material universe, and lies beyond, on the other hand, the metaphysical space of variations, a structure that retains information scenarios of all possible events. The number of variants is infinite, as is the infinite set of possible positions of a point on a Cartesian axis. Here is the way all that was, is and will be, here come the dreams, the foresight, the intuitive knowledge and insights.

The man, enchanted by the mirror, believes that the reflection he sees is the true reality. The mirror effect creates the illusion that the outside world exists by itself and does not lend itself to be managed. As a result, life becomes like a game, managed by rules not decided by you. Of course, it is allowed groped to influence the events, but you are deprived of a fundamental factor there has been explained as transform, from pawn, in the one who rolls the die.

The reality is constantly changing its face, like the clouds in the sky. But the speed of change is not so high as to perceive the movement of the material realization in the space of the variants. Similarly, the movement and the transformation of the clouds clearly captures only when the frames in slow motion are rotated quickly.

Even the freshness of the changes, after turning on the life of a flash lightning, just as quickly fades. The unusual becomes usual; the joy of party dissolves into everyday life. Whatever happens to the characters of the book is just a domesticated reality, so the readers will enjoy the narrative quietly.

In conclusion, the everyday reality is not boring, it is ordinary because it is not manageable, because it is not easy to subdue to the rule and precisely for this reason the individuals tends to escape from this reality and take refuge in the shelter, where everything is simple and predictable but the unavoidable reality is inescapable as the reality evolves, in most cases, independently of the will of the individual.