SCRATCH (Corporate Hitman Book 2)

ABOUT Melissa Mcknight

Melissa mcknight
Born in New York and raised in Queens & San Antonio, TX . As a shy young girl writing was my creative outlet. Mini plays, short stories, poems and even a few comic strips were created from my love of writing and reading books.Now that love has been channeled into Contemporary and Eroti More...



In part two of the Corporate Hitman Trilogy, the story centers around SCRATCH.

SCRATCH knew exactly what he was in for when he sold his soul.

Pierce Eaglemohr's offer of freedom was nothing more than a pair of invisible handcuffs. Now SCRATCH is at the center of an FBI investigation and time is running out. The wall of lies is beginning to crumble.

It's the worst possible time for him to meet a woman and it's too bad that Monica Tidwell is the one woman with the power to destroy him.

History may try to repeat itself, but this time he's not alone. The Hitmen have his back.