The Family Herbal: A Guide to Natural Health Care for Yourself and Your Children from Europe's Leading Herbalists

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By Barbara Theiss

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Barbara Theiss

Barbara Theiss
Barbara and Peter Theiss are the founders and directors of NatureWorks, the largest pharmaceutical herb company in Germany (operating also in the United States) and they have established companies in England, Australia, New Zealand, and Eastern Europe. Barbara Theiss is a licensed health p More...



Applying their extensive experience as parents as well as professionals in the fields of naturopathy, pharmacology, and herbology, Barbara and Peter Theiss show how natural herbal medicine is the healthiest and most effective method to care for most of the family's health needs.

Explains why childhood illnesses and disorders of old age respond exceptionally well to herbal treatment, and includes chapters on healing herbs for women, the immune system, the common cold, and emergency first aid.

Shows how medicinal plants can effectively prevent and treat skin irritations, upset stomach, earaches, sore throats, stress headaches, pulled muscles and tendons, and many other conditions.
"A beautifully published and helpful guide to herbs as an integral part of your life. Some of the finest full-color photos of herbs I've ever seen adorn the book and help the reader to identify the herbs, while other photos clearly show how to prepare and apply them. A very good guide to 40 herbs recommended for common health problems."
Dana Ullman, Utne Reader

"This book outlines herbal treatments for a wide range of ailments. Particular attention is paid to herbal remedies for childhood illnesses and disorders associated with old age. The Theisses stress the importance of illness prevention, and feel that along with better health, herbal healing will inspire a return to the personal initiative we may once have had to heal ourselves."
The Bloomsbury Review

"This is an excellent, easily understandable introduction to using herbs safely and effectively for adults and children. It clearly explains the main systems of the body and some of their most common disease conditions and offers detailed suggestions for practical herbal approaches that the Theisses have found effective. Beginners will appreciate the step-by-step instructions, often accompanied by photos, on how to make various preparations for internal and external use; the revealing discussions of dietary and lifestyle causes of ill health; and the separate index to plants and list of herbal suppliers. Readers more experienced with herb use will appreciate the Theisses' particular angle on the subject. The herb photos are especially beautiful."
The Herb Companion

"This practical new guide to herbal remedies puts special emphasis on the word family with a detailed section on childhood illnesses. Peter and Barbara Theiss, active in herbal research and production, studied the work of renowned herbalist Maria Treben in their native Germany. Their approach to alternative healing is learned yet user-friendly. Other areas of interest include immunity, emergency first aid and healing herbs for women."

"The Family Herbal, written in a readable, gentle style, leads the reader by the hand, taking him or her through a basic understanding of the herb's effects, mechanisms of action, cautions, indications, and methods of preparation and use. The practical experiences and gentle guiding hand of the Theisses gives the reader a heightened degree of confidence in using herbs. More than 70 quality color photographs are included, many full page. A good, practical, contemporary presentation."
Botanical & Herb Reviews

"In a time when there is a virtual explosion of titles on herbs, Barbara and Peter Theiss offer a unique perspective. Drawing from the rich romantic and spiritual traditions of their native Germany, they combine the sensitivity of traditional European folk medicine with Dr. Theiss' modern scientific training as a doctor and pharmacist. The result is a unique synthesis of both the traditional and technical that respects the delicacy of the human being as both physical creature and precious spirit."
Mark Blumenthal

"The Theisses have written this attractive guide to medicinal plants especially for treating family ills. They focus on the 40 herbs they consider most useful for a wide variety of complaints, explaining why childhood illnesses and disorders of old age respond especially well to herbal treatment. Also included are chapters on healing herbs for women, the immune system, the common cold, and emergency first aid, as well as a chapter on drying and storing herbs. Color plates illustrate plants and healing methods."
Yoga Journal

"Applying their experience as parents as well as professionals in the field of herbology, Barbara, a European-trained naturopath, and pharmacist Peter Theiss provide a practical guide to the application of medicinal plants for family health care."
Let's Live

"The Theisses have produced this beautiful and useful handbook for family use by any who are interested in availing themselves of the wonderful herbs that are growing in their own backyards and in the woods and meadows nearby. This book will tell you how to prepare and apply them, and there are many color illustrations which will enable you to recognize the herbs and show you the correct methods to be used."
Health World

"The Family Herbal is easily the most useful book of its kind. The terms are accurate and relevant. Equally important, the text reads extremely well. Not only is there a lot of information, but its highly usable format guarantees the book will be read and used repeatedly as a reference. Highly recommended."

"Written in a warm and personal style, ideal for a home herbal. The arrangement of chapters by systems makes it very user-friendly."
American Herb Association