Miss Me? (Max Larkin Detective Series Book 3)


I am a full time finance manager and a part time writer from Elgin Illinois.  I discovered a passion for writing at a very young age. I would write stories just for myself to pass the time. My imagination is very vivid, sometimes too much so, but the stories I write are fueled by his d More...


The top two detectives in Rockton Illinois, Max Larkin and Jesse Fairlane, are pursuing a man that brutally raped a woman and murdered her boyfriend. In Miss Me?, the third book in the Max Larkin Detective Series, they get teamed up with FBI Agent Timothy Michaels. He informs them that the man has been raping women for over a decade and they're no closer to catching him today as they were back then. Everything in the files points to just one man. A man that doesn't care if he leaves his DNA and finger prints everywhere at the scenes. Is he arrogant or does he have a man on the inside keeping him one step ahead? The trust between Max and Jesse couldn't be stronger but Agent Michaels is another story. Is he the mole feeding information to the perpetrator or is he just another pawn in this maniacs game?