The Catcher in the Eye (Kelly Kinki Mystery Book 1)

ABOUT Lotta Smith

Lotta Smith
I was born and reared in Japan, home of ninja, geisha, and Godzilla. Whwn I was young I often witnesses hordes of Godzillas torching the city of Tokyo with their fire-breath. After surviving a series of Godzilla attacks, I went to medical school anticipating to see real corpses and sexy pr More...



Talk about eye-catching—

Watch out, world. Here comes Kelly Kinki, a socialite dropout ready to run for America’s Next Top (Amateur) Sleuth.

So far, things are going great. Her husband left her for a sexy dancer, her former employer was murdered, and now she’s stuck with a dead-end job as a personal assistant to Michael Archangel, a former FBI Special Agent turned cross-dressing P.I., who treats her like the butt of jokes.

A woman’s dead body was discovered in a deserted campsite in the outskirts of Washington DC. She was murdered, and her eyeballs were poked out and taken away. Kelly’s boss gets summoned to ID the killer ASAP. But this was just the beginning— Eyeball Snatcher the serial killer was on a killing spree.

The body count goes up while the FBI and Archangel struggle. Now it’s time for Kelly to step out into the criminal investigation scene in Washington DC neighborhoods, the home of bureaucrats, politicians, freaks, psychics, and murderers. Don’t underestimate her. She can cook, she can organize parties, and she can breathe fire.