Twists & Turns (Lydia & Jerome Book 2)

Romance, General Fiction

By Olivia Williams-Ball

Publisher : O. Ball

ABOUT Olivia Williams-Ball

Olivia Williams-Ball
I live in California with my husband. I now enjoy writing, which is something fairly new in my life. I also enjoy reading, going to the movies, listening to music, taking walks and spending time with family. 



Love is complicated. Add in sordid pasts, pledges of celibacy, and children and you make it even more so. But it’s that turmoil – that uncertainty – that also makes love exciting. What is true in life is the same in fiction. Lydia, a single mom to a young boy, finds the love of her life in Jerome, a recovering addict with a heart of gold. She falls head over heels for him – so much so that she becomes possessive. She starts to worry about what he is doing when he isn’t with her. This causes her to make bad decisions that cost her the relationship she so desperately wants.

Enter Phillip, the father of Lydia’s child.

Twists and Turns is about love lost and happiness gained. Lydia and the people that surround her learn full well what changes love can put people through.

Will Lydia be able to repair her relationship with Jerome? Will she reconcile with her ex-love Phillip? Is happiness to be found living alone? Read Twists and Turns and find out!

I love a good romance story.