The Dreamer's Book of the Dead: A Soul Traveler's Guide to Death, Dying, and the Other Side

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By Robert Moss

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Robert Moss

Robert Moss
Robert Moss survived three near-death experiences in childhood and has been dreaming with the departed all of his life. He is the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanic techniques for empowerment and healing. A former university professor of ancient his More...



A guidebook for communicating with the departed and gaining first-hand knowledge of life beyond death

• Reveals that the easiest way to communicate with the departed is through dreams

• Offers methods for helpful and timely communication with deceased loved ones

• Provides powerful Active Dreaming practices from ancient and indigenous cultures for journeying beyond the gates of death for wisdom and healing

We yearn for contact with departed loved ones. We miss them, ache for forgiveness or closure, and long for confirmation that there is life beyond physical death. In The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead, Robert Moss explains that we have entirely natural contact with the departed in our dreams, when they come visiting and we may travel into their realms. As we become active dreamers, we can heal our relationship with the departed and move beyond the fear of death. We also can develop the skills to function as soul guides for others, helping the dying to approach the last stage of life with courage and grace, opening gates for their journeys beyond death, and even escorting them to the Other Side.

Drawing on a wealth of personal experience as well as many ancient and indigenous traditions, Moss offers stories to inspire us and guide us. He shares his extraordinary visionary relationship with the poet W. B. Yeats, whose greatest ambition was to create a Western Book of the Dead, to feed the soul hunger of our times. Moss teaches us the truth of Chief Seattle’s statement that "there is no death; we just change worlds."

The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead is one of the finest books I have read in many a year. It offers deep and healing insight into the journey beyond death, which will be a help to anyone who has lost a loved one. More than that it offers wisdom for living our lives in powerful and spirit-filled ways. With each new book, but especially with this one, Robert Moss adds to his reputation as one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time. Outstanding!”
David Spangler, author of Blessing: The Art and the Practice and Everyday Miracles

“Since time immemorial, dreams of the dead have been a common occurrence. Our scientifically based culture has attempted to close this door of communication, but has failed; dreams of the dead continue to occur, as always. Robert Moss sheds light on how to enter this doorway and benefit from the wisdom and comfort that often result from these experiences.”
Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Healing Words, Recovering the Soul, and The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

“Robert Moss’s ambition to give us a Western Book of the Dead has been fully realized in this captivating and inspiring guide to the land of the dead. Moss shocks and thrills by revealing the hidden truth--that the Otherworld is in fact the familiar landscape of our dreams, where we go every night. There we can, if we intend it, meet up with our lost loved ones and encounter the great mentors of the past. Moss’s own mentor is the great Irish poet W. B. Yeats, with whom he has in-depth, meaningful conversations.

“Moss reminds us that by our night dreaming and waking dreams we prepare for the great journey to the world beyond the mists the Celts call the Blessed Isles. Our dreams are the measure of what we aspire to, and it is in this life, through practicing our imagination, that we can draw our roadmap and our destination. For a better death and life beyond death--but also for a better life in the world of the living--do not miss this extraordinary book from a true Western Master.”
Catherine Shainberg, author of Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming

“An important work for a world in which we quickly dispose of our dead and move on--or don’t, being left isolated with our grief in the only existence we know. Robert Moss shows us how false a view this is. He opens us to the other side of life--to our multi-dimensional existence through which we travel every night. Learn to become a voyager of the imagination where you can meet with loved ones and guides in a place as true as this one. Take a guided tour of the land of the dead, as recorded by explorers through the centuries. Learn how to communicate with and assist the dead and let them help you.

“This book is filled with stories from people who have taken Moss’s workshops and discovered for themselves the knowledge and serenity that comes from contact with the other side. It also reveals the mentoring relationship that Moss established with William Butler Yeats, demonstrating how such a communion with spirits (whether within or without) can be a source of strength and encouragement. An inspiring book that should be close at hand for whenever the other world comes calling or we have need of knowledge of the other side.”
Mary K. Greer, author of Women of the Golden Dawn and Tarot for Your Self

"Here are tools and guidance to help truly begin to heal that relationship with death/dying."
Victoria Vlach, Dream Network, Autumn 2005

"I found this to be an important work for anyone who wishes to work with dreamtime, for what ever reason. . . . it gives the reader a way to go into their dreams, to become a part of their dreams, and to make their dreams work for them. If you want to work with your dreams, and you want to understand the death experience, then this is the book for you."
Bonnie Cehovet,, Jan 2006

"Moss is a compelling, generous teacher with an astonishing depth and breadth of esoteric knowledge. Approach The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead when you’re ready to go slowly and absorb its heady, powerful themes and meditations."
Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Book ‘em, May 12, 2005

"This nonfiction book is identified as a soul traveler's guide to death, dying, and the other side, and it is precisely that! It has a gusto and life all its own. Robert Moss is to be congratulated on a fine work, one that is informative and enjoyable to read."
Lee Prosser,, Jan.11, 2006

"Dreamer's Book of the Dead is nearly an escort service, offering insights on dreams, the afterlife, and healing."
The Midwest Book Review, May 2006

"It's a book which lingers in the back of your mind for a long time after you've read it. Don't give it away. . . "
Marilis Hornidge, Book Bag, March 23, 2006

"[This book] is an amazing resource for dreamers, mediums, and others who would dive deep into their spiritual relationship with the precious gift of mortality."
Sara Sutterfield Winn, PanGaia, Autumn 2007