Arizona Wildlife Notebook

ABOUT Garry Rogers

Garry Rogers
An advocate for wildlife and nature conservation, I write books and articles about animals.



This notebook contains checklists for 11 groups of Arizona animal species: Amphibians, ants, birds, butterflies and moths, dragonflies and damselflies, fish, grasshoppers, lizards, mammals, snakes, and turtles. The introduction to each group covers the group’s conservation issues and provides references for printed and online field guides. The checklist for each group includes scientific and common names and conservation status. I alphabetized each checklist by common name and included a species name index. I assembled the notebook to have a single place to gather notes from my journal and from the margins of my field guides. My website ( has more information on each of the species groups. Appendix A presents an ideal list of details for a sighting record. Species checklists are most useful when they cover small areas. Checklists for valleys, mountains, urban areas, and yards are ideal, but very few are available. The species checklists in this notebook cover the entire State of Arizona. As you record species you see in your area, you will be developing a resource for future naturalists.


“Arizona Wildlife Notebook is a very well-documented snapshot of the status of all known wildlife species – from bugs to bats – in the State of Arizona. Much of it should be relevant to neighboring states, as well, with a bit of fine-tuning to accommodate additions and deletions to the list. As a retired Wildlife Biologist myself, I have to say Rogers’ book is perhaps the simplest to understand, yet most comprehensive in terms of factual information, that I have ever had occasion to peruse. This book should become the default checklist for Arizona’s various state, federal and local conservation agencies, and the basis for developing accurate local inventories by private enthusiasts as well as public agencies. Additionally, it provides a superb starting point for neighboring states who may wish to emulate Garry Rogers’ excellent handiwork. I wish I’d had access to something as comprehensive, yet simple, many years ago” (Lee Ashford, Goodreads, Reader’s Favorite).