The Dead Game

The Dead Game

ABOUT Susanne Leist

Susanne Leist
Susanne Leist graduated with an MBA in finance. Her life has led her through the hectic commodities market and the number-crunching field of budgeting, but she always continued to read and daydream...which ultimately led to the fulfillment of her dream to put one of her stories on paper fo More...



End House stands alone at the edge of a dark forest. The young residents of the small town of Oasis, Florida receive invitations to a party at this deserted house. The name of the host isn't mentioned. Only the date and time: 8:00 PM on Friday the 13th. Out of curiosity, Linda and her friends attend the party.
It's a night not one of them will ever forget. From this night forward, they are caught in a deadly game. A game willing to kill its players. Who is controlling the town and the evil game?
Only The Dead know.
The Dead Game has begun.

The Dead Game, is a paranormal thriller with humans, vampires, and vampire derivatives. My goal has been to write a book different than the usual vampire story or murder mystery. I wanted a murder mystery with victims, clues, and suspects. The book has revolving rooms, traps, falling cages, and anything my imagination could create. The Dead Game is a fun ride into the realms of the supernatural.

The Dead Game by Susanne Leist is a mysterious supernatural thriller with plenty of twists and turns that is well-written and keeps you turning the page. From the first page you start a wild ride and just when you think all is well, she throws in another twist. 
Rhonda Cratty, Parenting & Education Examiner