Budget Travel for the GENIUS

Budget Travel for the GENIUS

ABOUT Cynthia J. Drake

Cynthia J. Drake
Freelance travel and financial writer based in Austin, Texas. Author of the book Budget Travel for the Genius.



Do you have big travel dreams but a small budget? Perhaps you're financially strapped with family obligations, or you're a senior citizen on a fixed income. Maybe you're a single traveler without someone to share expenses or a college student living the ramen noodle life. Budget Travel For the Genius provides a roadmap for how you can save money and enjoy traveling, regardless of your bank account or your lifestyle situation.

And just because you're reading a book on budget travel doesn't mean you need to restrict yourself to hole-in-the-wall hotels in the middle of nowhere. In fact, depending on what you're seeking, you can find incredible deals for every kind of vacation experience — from luxury hotels, resorts and cruises to solid, road-trippin' style accommodations.

Budget Travel For the Genius provides several proven strategies for:

  • Slashing the cost of your hotel room.
  • Enjoying complimentary upgrades on your resort or cruise vacation.
  • Snagging a great deal on airfare.
  • Camping tricks that make roughing it not so rough.
  • Incorporating leisure travel into business trips.
  • Planning spa trips and volunteer vacations for less.
  • Dining well on a budget.
  • Saving money on souvenirs, internet access and entertainment.
  • Maximizing your transportation value by scoring car rental deals and taking public transportation.

You'll also learn:

  • The No. 1 item you should never forget to pack, which can save you hundreds of dollars in museum and attraction costs.
  • Which luxury bus company allows you to travel across the country for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.
  • Ways to turn your cell phone into a free Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Packing hacks that will eliminate your airport baggage fees.
  • How to make a grilled cheese sandwich in your hotel room (and other ways to save on food).
  • Where to find discounted massage treatments and dinner theater tickets.

Budget Travel For the Genius is a must-read for anyone with a spirit of adventure and a yen for getting outside the familiar. Along the way, you'll be treated to funny traveler anecdotes, interactive quizzes and chapters to inspire you to think beyond the average American vacation. The methodology of budget traveling outlined in the book can be used in a variety of vacation settings, regardless of where you travel and how much you spend.

Traveling on a budget doesn't just mean you'll save money — chances are, you'll have more fun and learn more about the culture of the places you travel to while you're doing it. Budget Travel For the Genius inspires you to embrace your most adventurous self and tap into the humor of life on the road.

About the Author: Cynthia J. Drake

Cynthia J. Drake is a freelance travel and financial writer whose articles have been published in magazines such as Porthole Cruise Magazine, Wine Enthusiast and Spirituality & Health, as well as MSN and Yahoo! Finance. As a world traveler from a very young age, she followed the footsteps of her frugal father and learned how to vacation well for very little money.

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