A Wolf's Tale

ABOUT Wayne Costigan

Wayne Costigan
Married 54 year-old father of three. Resides in the beautiful foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, Dutchess County, NY. 



A tale of Indians and the wolves they share the forest with during a time of great and irrevocable changes wrought with the arrival of a new people from across a great ocean. A coming of age saga as told through the similar and shared (often spiritual) experiences of both man and animal. Unforgettable characters and situations that children, young adults, and those still young at heart will enjoy, laugh, weep, and be thrilled to, as Standing Bear and his pet wolf face the, unfortunately, all too violent birth of a new world, together.

It was written in response to the immoral invasion of Iraq as an anti-war/anti-genocide work for my own three children, utilizing all I had learned about Native Americans over four, or more, decades of amateur anthropological study. What began as a 10 page Short Story eventually morphed into the novella I published in November 2014.